Aastra 400 Providing Successful Communication for SME’s.

The Aastra 400 has been hailed as the key to successful communication for small and medium sized operation. This cutting edge technology is compatible with DECT, SIP-DECT and WLAN.

The Aastra 400 is the perfect solution for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Care centres
  • Call centres
  • Building management
  • Industries with high security requirements

The system offers:

  • Broad range of terminals
  • Monitoring and alarm systems
  • Unified communications (standard telephony functions plus email, SMS and chat)
  • Technological independence and future proof development

The Aastra 400 enhances the team environment

Video phone applications: Allows desktop sharing, providing huge connection possibilities for multi site companies.  Several users based at different locations can work on the same document in real time. Improving teamwork without the need for travel, regardless of physical location.

Joint access: One number with several users each with their own handset.

Team voicemail: All users’ handsets will indicate when a voicemail is left; users of mobile phones with AMC can also be notified if there is a new message.

Presence management functions: At a glance you can view availability of a colleague, ensuring that call abandonment is managed at all times.

Professional call switching: Calls can be channelled to the right person with the benefit of call status and calendar input, equally if the relevant person is unavailable an email is processed with all the important information needed to arrange a call-back.

Mobility: With the benefit of DECT and SIP-DECT a user can move freely around a premises and still remain contactable.  Further system enhancements can provide mobility whether inside or away from the company premises.  With the “take” feature a user can continue a call taken on the move, transferring it to his desktop without any interruption.  Equally calls taken on the desktop can be seamlessly transferred to a mobile without any awareness of the person at the other end.

Conference calling: Every call can be intuitively changed to a conference call involving up to 6 participants, regardless of the media being deployed. Regular conference calls can be programmed, simply pressing the relevant function key will automatically set up the conference connection to all participants.

Home office: Taking or transferring calls, setting up phone conferences, team presence and status displays are available in the same manner without any limitations on a home office workstation.

Unified messaging: Allowing users to access messaging services anywhere and at any time.

Fax over SIP: Faxes can be received and sent regardless of physical location.

With all these benefits and more the Aastra 400 is the perfect solution for business needs.

Whether it is a mobile device, a fixed phone or PC application the user will be able to navigate the menu easily accessing all the functions that are needed.  All phones have the same operating concept this guarantees the user optimum ease of use.

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