Dan Payerle, Ideal’s Business Unit Manager stated. “In today’s networking market, data cable installers are looking for proof of performance”.


ACCL have not tested the SignalTEK CT however they applaud the efforts of Ideal in bringing cost effective testing equipment to the marketplace. All too often sub-standard cable is fitted as a means of cost saving. This can prove a costly mistake as networks seldom run in a fully optimised state when supported by incorrect or poorly installed cable.


A major selling point for the SignalTEK CT is the fact network owners and small installation firms will be able to take advantage of the equipment. They will have the facility to upload test data onto a USB stick.


The benefits are:


  1. Network owners will be able to check the work of installation firms.
  2. Comparisons can be made with data supplied by installation firms.
  3. Allow small installation firms to effectively test their work.
  4. If a network installation is untested, cost savings can be made by not utilising the services of specialist engineers.
  5. Allow for the constant monitoring of supporting cable.


More often than not a business will constantly replace expensive hardware, when the actual problem surrounds the installation of the supporting cable.


ACCL expect more cost effective, user friendly, data cabling test devices to be released in the near future. This can only be a good for the wider market. Test equipment held within ACCL is very expensive, single units costing in the region of £10,000 – £15,000. Naturally network owners and small firms will not want to invest so heavily in specialist equipment.