Initial contact with their service provider made them aware of a 6 month backlog for the installation of a new lease line, not good enough when you’re running a business. Luckily ACCL were able to provide the solution in the form of free space optics, or laser links as they are otherwise known. This is the latest technology in the world of wireless communication, where the signal is transmitted through a cable passed through air, or free space…genius!


The concept is not dissimilar to fibre optic in that a light source is used to transmit data instead of cable. An initial survey was conducted to see if it was a viable solution, included in this was checking with local authorities to ensure no plans were in place to erect London’s next tallest building between the two sites which would have caused (obviously!) major interruption to the signal… on discovering no plans were pending it was all systems go.


One of the many benefits to free space optics in addition to it being wireless, is that it takes less than a day to install and is very cost effective, just a one off payment unlike leased lines where you’re tied into a contract with monthly charges as well as the initial installation cost. The result is a very happy customer!


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