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Active Communication Company Ltd is a leading cable consultancy that serves UK businesses. We realise that when planning your IT projects, there are a number of important considerations that will determine the long-term success of your undertaking. Key among these considerations is the professionalism of the company you choose to work with. Their competence has a direct impact on the operations of your business and as such they will directly affect your revenue. Working with professional cable consultancy providers is therefore not an option but a must.

Quality and professionalism have greatly suffered due to the rapid growth of the IT sector and this is especially evident when it comes to cable consultancy. There has been a significant increase in the number of unqualified providers offering cable consultancy and other cabling solutions. This has greatly reduced the quality of networks and other communication platforms that are essential to business operations. To ensure that you avoid inconveniences and losses that result from substandard work, you need to work with professional cable consultancy providers such as Active Communication Company Ltd (ACCL) as we have a proven track record as one of the leading voice and data cabling professionals in the market.

Identifying the best cable consultancy providers is usually the first challenge that business owners need to deal with. A professional consultant will always clearly explain the services and products they have to offer. Their areas of specialisation will be defined and they will provide information on their partners and business associates. This transparency is something that you will not find with the unreliable providers.

ACCL specialise in the delivery of data and voice cabling solutions through the use of advanced technologies that are tailored to meet your individual communication needs.

The international accreditation and awards that we have gained are testament to our level of professionalism.  One of the most significant achievements for ACCL is the awarding of Cisco Technology Developer Partner (CTDP) status.  Only 64 other business in the world have been recognized with a CTDP award as an exceptional level of expertise is required to be considered for it. All cabling professionals aspire for any kind of recognition from Cisco as it usually pushes their profile to a much higher level.

Staff working for ACCL need to have a BICSI or RCDD qualification before they are considered to become part of our Team.  In addition to their education professional qualifications, team members are involved in regular training that is designed to update and improve their skills.  The technical qualifications of the personnel working as a part of the ACCL team is another reason as to why we are considered among the top cable consultancy providers in the market.  All of our processes comply with the OHSAS 18001:2009, BS EN ISO, 9001:2000 and the BS EN ISO 14001:1996 standards. Clients are therefore assured of high quality services and the use of quality products on their projects.

Dealing with a company that sets such high standards, ensures that your data and voice cabling is reliable in the long term. You actually save more money when the job is completed properly the very first time.  Constant repairs and frequent change of providers not only increases your IT bill but also leads to revenue loss due to interruption in business and communication with your clients.  Competitive rates and an approach that ensures that we provide the correct solution for your project make ACCL stand out as a truly professional cable consultancy provider that you would want to work with.

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