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Southampton FC

When Southampton Football Club or the Saints as they are affectionately known decided to upgrade their Communication Infrastructure towards the latter months of 2011, and ACCL were delighted to be approached to complete the work.

Upgrading network

The purpose of the Project was an upgrade of their Network to 10G across two sites, the Stadium and the Training ground.  Additionally the Training ground itself is undergoing major building works involving demolishing and re-building the facility that currently houses the Comms. room.

Phase I complete

The Stadium project will involve 2 phases, and we have now completed phase I by installing Micro Blow Fibre Optic Cabling between 4 Comms rooms.  Phase I consisted of initially running 7 core 5mm Duct between the 4 Comms rooms, each length covering approximately 300 metres. The Duct work was laid using Cable trays suspended from the ceiling above the Public Concourse.  Once the Duct work had been laid air compression was used to blow through 3×12 core OM4 Fibre Optic Cable, fusion splicing 36 links (18 duplex) between each of the rooms.  HP are now in the process of providing all the new Switches after which we will enter Phase II of the project.   Phase II will involve a tidy up of the 4 comms rooms, replacing all the patch leads.

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