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The Writer Case Study

The Writer is a London-based marketing agency who provide their linguistic talents to the corporate sector, working on a global level to help brands stand out and win business. They have worked with numerous prestigious brands, including the BBC and Unilever to name but a couple.

Project Overview

In 2016, The Writer was looking to upgrade their IP infrastructure to create a unified communications platform, to allow for easier expansion and collaboration in an ever growing organisation.

ACCL engineers were tasked to remove all redundant equipment, reposition patch panels and then install all new IP switches. All existing wiring was tested and new fibre backbones were installed.

Challenges and meticulous planning

The project required meticulous planning to ensure that the seven engineering teams could work in synchronisation over seven floors (a cabinet upgrade per floor). There was also the additional pressure of time constraints, due to all works having to be carried out of office hours during weekends.

“Big Bang approach”

During the planning process risks were identified with the “big bang” approach of simultaneously carrying out seven cabinet upgrades. Due to cost and time, the client did not wish to change the existing cabinets and therefore the team had to plan around reusing them.

CAD drawings of each cabinet were produced to show the locations of the passive and active equipment, and it was discovered that Power over Ethernet (POE) switches were too big to be secured to the mounting rails.

This was resolved by having a system created to support them at the front and rear, and the power leads being replaced by right angle plugs to enable the cabinet door to close.

A patching record was produced to speed up the installation, for which the client was consulted on the choice of colour (in order to easily identify the service), and to ensure that the correct length of patch leads was selected.


The project was a success and completed on time and within budget.

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