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Cat5 Cabling Installation Services

ACCL have been installing Category 5 cable, commonly known as cat5 for many years, is a twisted pair cable designed for carrying digital signals. Please note, this cabling system has been superseded by Cat5e.

Cat5 installation service bt ACCL Cat5 installers

What is Cat5 Cabling?

This type of cable is at the core of any structured cabling system used primarily for computer networks such as Ethernet. Cat5 cabling is also used to carry other signals such as telephony and video.
It has been designed to carry signals up to 100 meters

Where is it primarily used by ACCL?

It is primarily used within the office environment to connect the computers and telephones to the servers and telephone system.

What are the benefits of Cat 5?

The main benefits of Cat5 are that it provides a common platform for connecting devices, you no longer have to have one type of cable for your telephone, another for your computer and yet another for TV all the services can be accommodated on the one cable type.
List of previous clients – where Cat 5 was used
ACCL have installed Cat5 cabling to a number of clients in different market sectors and environments, to name but a few

  • London Metal Exchange
  • F A Premier league
  • Goldsmiths College
  • Daiwa Bank
  • Manufacturers used
  • ITT Cannon
  • Panduit
  • Ortronics
  • Systemax

Any other useful information

Cat5 cable was designed to run up to distances
of 100 mtrs, this allowed for 90 mtes in the floor known as the permanent link, this is the link between the patch panel in the computer room and the user outlet on the wall. The remaining 10 mtrs is taken up with the patch and fly lead.

A typical Cat5 installation consists of 5 elements, the patch panel, the Cat5 cable, the user outlet and the patch and fly lead.

Each item is tested individually to meet the relieved component standards and when connected together to form a system the overall system must meet the Cat5 performance before a system warranty can be issued by the manufacturers.

For more information on copper cabling, visit this page

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