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School CCTV System installation


Keep your school, staff and students protected with CCTV. There are many benefits to having a CCTV system installation, including:


  • Creating a safer school environment for students and staff
  • Detering burglars and vandals
  • Monitoring your staff car park and storage areas
  • Ensuring Ofsted compliance


Our CCTV team will survey your school site and advise you on the best CCTV solution for your security needs. We offer high-resolution and full colour CCTV solutions, and our CCTV systems can be integrated with Access Control systems tailored to schools.


The quality of your CCTV installation can be maintained with our CCTV system maintenance contracts.


School CCTV systems types


Our CCTV team installed all CCTV camera types for school environments to keep your staff and students safe:


  • Outdoor and Indoor – these can provide indoor and outdoor coverage of your school environment
  • Wired cameras – these CCTV cameras connect your network via ethernet or fibre cabling. This solution offers high bandwidth and therefore allows for detailed footage.
  • Wireless cameras – wireless CCTV connects to your network via Wi-Fi. These cameras are flexible to move around, due to only requiring a power cable. Data from these CCTV cameras are transmitted wirelessly and can also work over a 4G mobile networks, laser links and microwave bridges.
  • Dome camera – these are ceiling-mounted cameras protected by a polarized dome cover
  • 360 degree – these provide 360-degree coverage using an array of sensors and lenses
  • Bullet camera – these are fixed cameras
  • Night vision, infrared and thermal cameras – keep your school campus surveilled at night-time
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition – overlook who enters your school car park with an ANPR camera


CCTV can yield many advantages, including motion detection, two-way audio, facial recognition, video analytics, real-time alerts, and cloud storage options. Your CCTV camera system can also be integrated into your school IT infrastructure.


We will take into consideration environmental factors, IT infrastructure, data & power cabling, and storage options. You can discuss this with our CCTV team to learn more about what will suit the security needs of your school environment.


Our CCTV installers are also registered Avigilon CCTV installers, the global manufacturer of popular CCTV system products.

Different IP camera types and positions


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CCTV & Access Control 


School CCTV systems can be seamlessly integrated into an existing or new Access Control system to enhance the security for staff and students leaving and entering the building.


Facial recognition: restrict who can or can’t enter and help identify the users of stolen fobs and access cards.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): restrict those who can and cannot enter your car park by creating a list of verified users.


Find out more about our Access Control installation services.


School CCTV maintenance & repair 


A CCTV maintenance can maintain the functioning of your CCTV system. Regular testing can ensure that your CCTV system is working at its best. A CCTV maintenance involves checking:


  • Physical integrity – make sure that your camera has not been damaged and that its environment has enough lighting
  • Optic – ensure that the CCTV coverage covers what you would like to be seen
  • Power and data transmission – ensure that the camera is powered properly and can transmit data
  • Mechanical operation – check that the moving parts of your cameras are working
  • Control requirements – check that computers and networking equipment are working
  • Software, backup and storage – ensure that your CCTV software is working and configured properly


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Video software analytics 


Save time and increase efficiency with CCTV video analytics software. Analytics software can recognise movements and have real-time alerts set up for suspicious activity.


Image quality and Integrity


We offer secure CCTV solutions and a range of image quality and resolution choices.


High-resolution imagery allows for superior zoom and focusing abilities.  can be used to aid police investigation and as evidence in court, though considerations will have to be taken into consideration for storage.


You can pick according to your budget and your needs.


ACCL’s networking capabilities and advanced systems can ensure that CCTV never suffers from chatter or blocked by metal or walls. We can also make sure that your solution has IP encryption protection to prevent hacking.

CCTV Laws & regulation bodies


When installing CCTV for your school, there are rules and regulations to take into consideration. Your reasons for using CCTV must be justified, proportionated to the threats that might be encountered and necessary. Schools are required to notify ICO when CCTV cameras are installed and keep them informed of any changes.


Data Protection Act (DPA) – this regulates how personal data is processed, moved and protected


The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) – this regulates access to information held by public authorities.


The Protection of Freedoms Act (POFA) – this regulates how surveillance and biometric data is used

The Human Rights Act (HRA) – this regards the rights to privacy in public and private spaces. CCTV surveillance has to have a legitimate purpose.

General Data Protection Act (GDPR) – this is regarding your responsibility to protect data


Visit the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and government website to learn more about CCTV laws and regulations.

As the client I can only say thanks and its an amazing piece of work by all involved. Believe me that the work to coordinate this work around other issues was challenging but Wayne and ACCL were great.

TUI / Scott Ronan

I have had the pleasure of asking Wayne and team for advice and guidance over a number of years, and have always felt assured that all advice I have received was totally unbiased and 100% accurate.

Ntegra Ltd / Grant Ward, Test Manager

The Engineers were helpful and patient. They did anything and everything that was asked of them. Thanks for a very good first job.

Leagas Delaney / Alfred Place, London

The Engineers were punctual and courteous whilst on site. They worked professionally, always being aware of the needs of the other tradesman who were also working on this project. They were sympathetic to the needs of the school and we are very satisfied with the overall installation.

Bishopshalt School / Evelyn Nolan

Another professional installation by ACCL, on time and in budget!

Bank of New York / Alan Hawley, President of IT Infrastructure

All the people involved were extremely helpful at all times. All performed equally well in a fast-track project and responded quickly to any changes in requirements.

Barnhill Community High / Sunil Kubavat, Head of IT
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