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    Maintenance of CCTV optical components

    Professional CCTV Maintenance for London companies. By professionals with more than 25 years in the CCTV field for your peace of mind.

    Just like any other mission-critical system your company relies on, CCTV can only be of use if it works properly. We all know that a lot of London business owners rely on security cameras to keep their company safe.

    But very few of them know that CCTV systems aren’t useful if you set them up and forget about them.


    CCTV maintenance is the only way to ensure that your initial investment is protected for years to come. And, of course, that your business is protected 24/7.


    Not sure you need CCTV maintenance? Read on.

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    What Is CCTV Maintenance?

    CCTV maintenance is the preventative measure of regularly testing your CCTV system in order to avoid malfunctions or complete failure. Typically, most CCTV audits and maintenance operations happen while the system is still operating. Thus, you can avoid any lapses in surveillance and monitoring.


    The CCTV maintenance procedure depends on your type of system and a lot of external factors: is it indoors or outdoors? Is it safe from extreme weather conditions? How many cameras is your system comprised of? What is the area they have to cover?


    A CCTV maintenance checklist is created based on factors like the ones above. This checklist should ideally be created by an experienced CCTV professional who understands the most common problems any type of system has.

    CCTV Maintenance

    Why Do I Need CCTV Maintenance?

    Ready to ensure 24/7 security for your business and peace of mind for yourself? Our CCTV maintenance specialists are just a click or a phone call away.

    Think about the maintenance of your security system like a regular check-up for your car. Or the annual physical examination at your doctor’s office.


    Sure, things may be OK. But what if they’re not?


    With every system – from security cameras to cars and even the human body – one thing is clear: the sooner you spot a potential concern, the easier it is to fix it. And the cheaper.


    YES, you need CCTV maintenance because:


    • You are protected even in case of robbery. Every London business can be a break-in victim. If a break-in does occur, footage from your surveillance system can help the police locate the burglar and maybe even recuperate some of your goods.
    • You can make sure that your CCTV system functions properly. Not all camera footage is useful in an investigation. Blurry or out of focus footage is useless to you and to the police.
    • A faulty surveillance system is a robbery opportunity. Not all thieves are non-techies. Some of them can spot a faulty wire or a dead angle from a mile away. This spells easy target for them. Do you want to be that easy target?
    • You can prevent employee fraud. Not all the people who can harm your business are outsiders. Most often than not, employees and visitors are the ones with the most information about how your business operates and where you keep valuable or mission-critical tools. Make sure that everyone who sets foot in your London locations knows that your security is iron-clad.
    • You save money. It may seem counterintuitive to pay for something in order to save money, but in this case it’s not. Our CCTV maintenance services are fairly-priced and designed to catch any potential issue in time so you can fix it with minimal costs. Any problem left unsolved for too long will incur bigger costs and may even force you to change the whole system.



    CCTV maintenance

    CCTV Maintenance Services for Companies in London and the Surrounding Area – What’s Included?

    The CCTV maintenance procedure differs depending on the type of system you have and various other factors. There are no two identical security system maintenance checklists.


    Even if your company’s system looks quite similar to your neighbour’s, there are countless indoor, outdoor and usability factors that make them different in ways that matter.


    However, there is a CCTV maintenance checklist core that applies to most systems. Professional security surveillance techs know how to adapt this core list and add to it on a case-by-case basis.


    If you hire ACCL for CCTV maintenance in London, below are some of the actions we will take to ensure your system runs smoothly.

    Your Proprietary CCTV Maintenance Checklist

    This is one area where you don’t want to make compromises.


    Before the actual maintenance, our team will design a checklist that is specific to your needs and your system.


    This means that we will take into account every feature that your CCTV system has and make sure they are all in perfect working condition. Again, this is something that varies a lot from system to system, so you absolutely need your very own maintenance checklist.


    Some of the more generic items on this list include:


    • Physical integrity: are all your cameras, wires and additional equipment undamaged?

    • Mechanical integrity: do the moving parts of your camera still move as intended? (especially useful if you have PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras)

    • Environment: is it still adequate for your system?

    • Optics and angles: are your camera lenses obstructed by anything? Are they pointed where they should be in order to offer you the coverage you need?

    • Power: are all the cameras properly powered?

    • Data transmission: do the cameras transmit the data they collect in a safe and efficient manner?

    • Additional equipment checkup: the cameras are just part of your CCTV system. Are the networking equipment and computer you use with the cameras in perfect working condition as well?

    • Storage, backup, software: there are rules and regulations about the way you should store CCTV footage. Do you abide by them? Is all your data properly backed up and stored? Are your software solutions properly configured?

    What Does all This Mean for Your Security Exactly?

    Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the actions our team of CCTV maintenance technicians will perform:


    • Visual inspection: remember, a thief will always look for weak spots in your surveillance system. We’re here to make sure we spot them before they do. Our visual inspection includes (but is not limited to) looking for signs of damage or deterioration in all your connections and components. We check for cracks, improper mounting, missing bolts and screws, missing pieces, corrosion signs, dirty connectors and cable fixings and more.

    • Control equipment checkup: all VCRs, DVRs, video switchers, monitors, computers, telemetry units will be checked for proper operation. Connectors are also checked to ensure they are securely in place. Their cases are cleaned when needed. We also make sure that the air vents are unobstructed. The image quality of the monitors comes next – our goal here is to ensure you get quality images that you and the police can use.

    • Electrical checkup: mains, power supplies and any batteries are thoroughly checked, along with the charging rates. Every cable that your cameras use are checked for proper insulation and other faults. For wireless cameras, we make sure the installation still holds and that they can properly transmit data.

    • Environmental checkup: rain, wind and sun can damage CCTV cameras. This part of the inspection focuses on cameras that face extreme weather and on the cameras that are mounted under gutters on another kind of protective gear – are they still protected enough? Also, has the urban landscape changed enough (through new buildings and/or demolitions) that you need to adjust the camera angles?

    • Time and date: we make sure that the time and date settings are appropriate and update those that aren’t. This way, your footage is always stamped with the right time and date and you don’t have to guess when a certain incident took place.

    • Auxiliary lighting checkup: we check every lighting equipment that your cameras rely on, as well as infrared units and, for solar-powered cameras and lighting fixtures, the photocells.

    • Control equipment checkup: our team makes sure that all the air vents are unobstructed and clear (including those of your PCs). If any part of your system uses UPSs we make sure they are in perfect working condition so they can power up your cameras whenever needed.

    Other Activities in Our CCTV Maintenance Procedure

    • Housing, cameras, lenses and control equipment surface cleanse
    • Checkup of all seals and connectors of your external equipment
    • Ensure that your footage is regularly and safely backed-up
    • Check if your CCTV system is aligned with current laws, rules, regulations and standards as well as with user specifications
    • Check and refill (where needed) wiper blades and wash and wipe units
    • Make sure all the warning signs (informing people that the area is under surveillance) are in place and replace missing or deteriorated ones.
    • Check all alarms and connections to your other security systems like ANPR (Automatic Plate Recognition)
    • Make sure there are no tripping or fire hazards. Any cables that aren’t properly places or insulated can result in accidents or fires. Consequently, your business can incur huge additional costs through damaged property, fines or penalties. Our job is to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.


    Our CCTV maintenance services in London and the surrounding areas are designed to give you peace of mind. Besides everything you see in the lists above, we take any action necessary to ensure that your surveillance system operates as it should and that you can leverage its benefits to the fullest.


    Additionally, we can make any recommendations to change parts of the system (if needed) and even perform all the work ourselves.


    Learn more about CCTV in our blog post What is CCTV?



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    CCTV maintenance planning

    Should You Work with a Professional Company for the Maintenance of Your Surveillance System?


    Yes, absolutely.


    And we’re not just saying that because we are London-based CCTV specialists.


    In order to be compliant with current legislation, ISO-certified workers are ideal. Plus, someone who works in this industry is always up to date with recent changes in legislation and can advise you on them during your regular maintenance.


    There are some things you can do on your own (like a visual inspection to check for obvious damage like cracks). But this is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Proper procedures entail checkups and verifications that require dedicated CCTV maintenance tools. They are not cheap and, if you’re not using them on a daily basis, investing in them is pointless.


    Plus, a professional CCTV maintenance company knows all the ins and outs of most surveillance systems. They know where the most common problems appear and they can take immediate measure to ensure your investment is protected for years to come. 


    We also provide network maintenance services



    Start working with London’s preferred CCTV experts. Give us a call or send us an email and let’s put regular maintenance on both our schedules!

    Why Choose ACCL for CCTV Maintenance in London and the South East


    • There’s no beating experience. After 25 years of serving London’s largest companies and quirkiest startups alike, we know quite a lot about every business need when it comes to CCTV surveillance and more.

    • We only hire the best. All ACCL’s engineers and technicians go through heavily tests before being hired. In fact, most of our candidates don’t even make the cut. Plus, all our personnel is regularly trained on matters of rules, legislation, current standards and new technologies and techniques.

    • We only use top-of-the-line CCTV maintenance tools and equipment. There’s no cutting corners with us. We want to make sure that all the maintenance work we do has an excellent ROI for your business.

    • We have customer-centric approach. From our first contact until our job is done, your needs and comfort are our top priority. We are always willing to schedule your CCTV maintenance at a time that is convenient for you, so your business suffers minimal disruptions.

    • ACCL services are flexible and fairly-priced. We have worked on both stadiums and some of the smallest offices in London. But we have always treated every project, irrespective of size, with the utmost respect. We also care about your budget – if a cheaper solution that doesn’t compromise quality exists, we will always recommend that first.


    Let’s talk CCTV maintenance and make sure your business is safe!

    As the client I can only say thanks and its an amazing piece of work by all involved. Believe me that the work to coordinate this work around other issues was challenging but Wayne and ACCL were great.

    TUI / Scott Ronan

    I have had the pleasure of asking Wayne and team for advice and guidance over a number of years, and have always felt assured that all advice I have received was totally unbiased and 100% accurate.

    Ntegra Ltd / Grant Ward, Test Manager

    The Engineers were helpful and patient. They did anything and everything that was asked of them. Thanks for a very good first job.

    Leagas Delaney / Alfred Place, London

    The Engineers were punctual and courteous whilst on site. They worked professionally, always being aware of the needs of the other tradesman who were also working on this project. They were sympathetic to the needs of the school and we are very satisfied with the overall installation.

    Bishopshalt School / Evelyn Nolan

    Another professional installation by ACCL, on time and in budget!

    Bank of New York / Alan Hawley, President of IT Infrastructure

    All the people involved were extremely helpful at all times. All performed equally well in a fast-track project and responded quickly to any changes in requirements.

    Barnhill Community High / Sunil Kubavat, Head of IT
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