Becoming Brand-Rex approved installer tells our customers that the installations processes our technicians and installers use meet certain exacting standards that are specified by the Brand-Rex company.

Being a Brand-Rex approved contractor tells our customers that our product or service performs up to the standards specified by Brand-Rex.

Brand Rex
Brand Rex Approved Installer

What Brand-Rex is

Brand-Rex is a UK-based company that manufactures high-end structured cabling components such as shielded Category6-Plus and Giga-Plus connectors and high-density copper and fiber optic patch panels and enclosures. Some of their newer cabling connectors have multiple cable entry paths, allowing for ease of installation and making sure your bend radii don’t exceed specifications.

Brand-Rex products are designed to be installed and used in high-stress environments such as marine environments or where high heat and vibrations are likely to be encountered. Brand-Rex products serve a speciality segment of the structured cabling systems market. The Brand-Rex company was founded in Glenrothes, Scotland in 1972, although its roots go back to the 1940’s, when computer cabling was in its infancy. The company has offices in 45 countries world-wide and is the second largest supplier of networking ad telecommunications cables and equipment in Europe, with an overall nine percent market share.

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What It Takes to Become a Brand-Rex Approved Installer

If your company is Brand-Rex approved as an installer of Brand-Rex products, just like Lucent, Panduit and the others, your customers will know their cable plants will be installed according to rigid guidelines.

Everyone involved in the installation process is tested for their knowledge of various international telecommunications standards, such as 568B.1 & 568B.2-1 as set forth by the American National Standards Institute, the Electronics Industry Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association. Testing for compliance with International Standards Organisation and European Cenelec is also performed.

You will also undergo specific training either supplied or designed by Brand-Rex that will help you with the proper installation of their cabling products. Some of this specialized training includes using the proper support structures and methods during the installation process and any special considerations required when installing Brand-Rex products such as enclosures, patch panels, and jacks. As an example, Brand-Rex makes a shielded Cat6-Plus jack that doesn’t require an insertion tool for terminating copper cabling.

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