Following the completion of a data transmission installation project, our engineers move onto the testing phase.

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) views the testing of an installation very seriously. Only by carrying out diligently testing can we guarantee a network or standalone product will perform at an optimum level. 

Cable testing service being delivered

Cable testing procedure

When testing data transmission circuits or beams (laser, microwave) we transmit large packets of data, more than would be used under normal conditions. By stress testing in this way we can guarantee top quality output when utilising applications such as voice and video.

Following the completion of the testing phase ACCL produce detailed documentation. This information is then submitted to the system manufactures so that a 25 year system warranty can be issued. If required our engineers and consultants have the capability to explain these results in a simplified, non-technical manner.

Cable testing to industry standards

Test data also provides a benchmark for future audited inspections. ACCL fully understands all aspects of data communications and transmissions. We have supported the UK’s corporate and educational sectors for 25 years. During this time we have developed a strong reputation for our diligent technical approach. A testament to this is we generate a lot of work from recommendations.

How is ACCL different?

Unlike many service providers ACCL work with clients in the delivery of the most suitable option. If cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, Project Managers will bring this to the attention of the client.

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