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Cable audits are carried out to identify issues within your data cabling infrastructure. These could be factors affecting network speed or posing risks to overall performance of your company’s network, as well health and safety issues.

We ask many questions before carrying out a cabling audit, in order to understand your business needs and issues.

Carrying out cabling audit

When might you consider a cabling audit? 

Then you might be in need of our data cabling audit service for your IT infrastructure. A slow performing networks can be caused by poor choice of cables, incorrect methods of installation or simply due to aging cables.

Expertly selected and installed, resilient cables are vital to a well-functioning and efficient network, and the first step is to identify what is impeding your infrastructure from operating at its optimum.

What does a cable audit involve?

When the ACCL team carry out cable audits, we look to find out what’s working, and what’s not, simply put.

Our consultants are sent out to site to audit the entire building, with the primary areas of examination being the communications room and employees’ workspaces. Consultants will inspect to see whether the existing equipment needs to be replaced or removed altogether, and also look to identify potential safety hazards in working areas.

Cable audit services typically take between a few hours to a whole day, after which the consultants will produce a report with recommendations on how to improve your current infrastructure, and the costs to carry out the upgrade if you wish to do so.

Professional cable auditing services

We ask a lot of questions prior to delivering an audit. Understanding your needs and how your business operates is pivotal to offering a tailored cabling solution to match your needs. We understand the complexities of the infrastructure of running a business, and always look from a business viewpoint to match the technological requirements of our clients.

How is ACCL different?

We are also a very experienced team, with over 25 years of working in the cabling industry. As cable consultants, we can offer a broad depth of knowledge which allows us to identify these risks.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and commitment to fairness, and will always look to save on costs without reducing the quality of installation.

Previous clients, we have carried out cable audits for include:


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