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Within the United Kingdom, Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) specialise in the delivery of network cabling solutions, including Cat7 cabling installation services.

Category 7 cable (Cat7) is not as popular as its predecessors (Cat6 & Cat6A), however, it does have use within corporate, commercial, industrial and educational sectors. As a direct comparison Cat7 cabling can deliver 600MHz on a 10 Gigabit network, compared to 500MHz for Cat6A.

Cat7 Cabling Installation
Installation of Cat7 cables

Data cabling selection

The selection of data cable is a complex subject, one fully understood by engineers at ACCL. By fully evaluating the following, a suitable infrastructural plan can be developed:

•Supporting hardware
•Future growth

This is where ACCL come into their own. They do not specifically install what a client requests but instead analyse all parameters before making an assessment.

At the end-user level, this method of operating is very important. One thing is certain, ACCL will only install cabling solutions that are fit for purpose and will stand the test of time.

Cat7 is not as prevalent as say Cat5e or Cat6 solutions within the office environment but is more suited to the data centre or industrial applications. However, as speeds and technology advances Cat7 installations will become more relevant in the office place.

How do I benefit from using Cat7 rather than Cat6 & Cat6A?

The main advantage of Cat7 is the reduction of noise, this is produced by specifically shielding twisted pairs of the copper cable.
Whilst there are benefits to a Cat7 cabling solution it is expensive, so it comes at a price.

How is ACCL different?

In the past ACCL have been fortunate to work on large Cat7 cabling installation projects, for clients including:


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If you are interested in discussing a Cat7 cabling solution for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

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