Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) specialise in the delivery of Cat8 cabling installation services.

Cat8 is the classification for latest generations of copper based twisted pair cables, its can support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks. In comparison to previous models, it provides superior improvements to crosstalk and system noise. It is also backwards compatible.

Cat8 Cabling installation at a data centre
Cat8 Cable

Professional Cat8 installers

Cat8 cables were designed to handle the increasingly higher speeds needed within data centres, but with the arrival of ultra-high definition 4K video, it is equally as adept in the Home networking environment. As London’s premium supplier of IT infrastructural services, ACCL’s engineers are constantly installing Cat8 into corporate and residential projects.

Services include:


Please note: To fully benefit from a Cat8 cabling system, supporting hardware needs to be fully compatible.Often when our engineers carry out site inspections they find discrepancies between a cabling system and the hardware used.

ACCL’s services are always in high demand, this means if you have a specific requirement work needs to be booked in at the earliest opportunity.

How is ACCL different?

Maintenance support is of key importance in the corporate and industrial world. To that end, ACCL provides various support packages tailored to meet your needs. ACCL only utilise network cable from quality leading manufacturers, this means all tasks are covered by a 25-year warranty.


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