ACCL engineers are Corning certified installers, following the completion of the Corning LANscape Installer training program which ensures a detailed knowledge of the installation and reparation of Corning Cable Systems

Corning Logo: ACCL is a Corning Certified Installer
Corning LANscape Approved Installer

What Corning is

Corning is a high-end supplier of premium cabling solutions, headquartered in the US and working on a global scale, with an annual turnover of $11.2 billion. The company has a broad range of end-to-end fibre, wireless, copper and RF Connectivity solutions.

Corning’s high-quality solutions are best suited to the heavy bandwidth users, as cable suppliers which provide 10Gig to 400Gig DC solutions. These are often used for financial and educational institutions, data centres and hotels. Media companies also benefit from this solution due to the cable’s resilience to ambience and noise, which can interrupt video streaming.

Corning provides solutions to ever changing needs and is therefore always adapting. Examples of Corning’s innovations in fibre technology include the reverse polarity of patch cords, which are easier to install and Clearcurve® technology for the installation of bend-enabled single-mode fibres, which are lower cost and take less time to install.

Corning also specialises in solutions for the problems encountered with high density, migration paths and awkward routeing.

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What it takes to become a Corning certified installer

ACCL had to meet rigorous standards and undergo training to acquire specialist knowledge on Corning products, including how to test physical networks and repair faults on cable installations, as well as testing cable installations for a twenty-five-year warranty.

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