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Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) specialise in the provision of industrial cabling infrastructure services. Find out about upgrades.

ACCL providing industrial cabling infrastructure services
Industrial cabling

Considerations for industrial cabling installation

Installing or repairing industrial cabling infrastructure and supporting hardware requires a detailed understanding of:

  • Working at heights
  • Operating in confined spaces
  • Health & safety
  • Operating plant & machinery
  • Working in harsh environments

A major consideration whilst planning an installation is the type of machinery that’s being operated on-site. Certain vehicles emit electromagnetic interference (EMI). This means the selection of cable is of paramount importance.

Due to the size of many industrial units, the selection of data cable needs to be fully analysed. Copper cabling is only effective up to 90 meters; beyond this point, fibre optic cable will be required.

IT infrastructural services include:

Expertise in cabling for the industrial sector

ACCL fully understand the complexities regarding the installation and repair of IT infrastructural equipment into the industrial workplace. Our Project Managers examine the environment, structure, size and requirements before producing detailed plans. In recent times we have stored computer hardware into clean, centralised locations, providing network users with remote access. This is proving very popular for cost saving and security reasons.

How is ACCL different?

ACCL have specialist teams that operate within the industrial sector. These individuals have been hand selected for their ability to complete any task regardless of the environment or conditions. Strong feedback indicates the teams are performing exceptionally well.

In the past ACCL have been fortunate to work on large industrial IT Infrastructure installation projects, these include:


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