Upgrades to data networks are carried out to either increase the speed and efficiency of an existing infrastructure or to allow for the expansion of an IT system to accommodate a larger number staff.

How is an upgrade carried out?

Following an audit or consultancy, where network issues or potential for expansion are identified, an upgrade to an IT network can be delivered. Existing resources can be either reused or replaced altogether, according to the client’s wishes and consultants recommendations.

How long do installation works take?

The duration of these installation works vary according to the size of the project, and will be planned and designed in advance. Please see the below video to watch the ACCL team delivering an upgrade.

How is ACCL different?

ACCL consultants have over thirty years of experience in the planning, design and installation of infrastructural upgrades, evidenced by the repeated loyalty of our clients since the beginning of the company’s formation.

We have delivered IT infrastructure upgrades to the following clients:

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