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Nexans Certified Solution Partner
Nexans Certified Solution Partner

What is Nexans

Nexans are a worldwide energy company headquartered in France, who manufacturer copper, optical and fibre products. It has a presence in 40 countries, employs 24,5000 staff and has sales figures which reached 6.2 billion euros in 2015. The company has an emphasis on sustainability, as well as innovation. Their product range is broad, encompassing cabling solutions tailored to buildings, submarines, emergency resources and transportations. Nexans is unique, because it is the only cable supplier to set up a foundation to help provide access to disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Nexans cable solutions are cost-effective and reliable, as well as easily obtainable from several distributors. These are user-friendly and quick to install, due to coming in pre-assembled systems and smart packaging.

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What it takes to become a registered Nexans Installer

To become a registered installer, ACCL had to demonstrate technical proficiency, financial stability, commitment to customer service and partnership.

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