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Ethernet cabling is the hub on which all of your computer and often voice communications rely. A poorly planned or installed system, ageing wiring or years of temporary extensions can all compromise performance and the integrity of your data.

ACCL can help you to plan and install the right quality of Ethernet cabling to support your business and the speeds and data capacity you need, now and into the future. Don’t put up with creaking systems and slow transfer speeds any more – talk to ACCL today.

What is Ethernet?

The word ‘Ethernet’ refers to a specific family of computer networking technologies, which are used for local area networks (LANs). This frame-based technology defines specific standards under which LANs operate. Simply put, Ethernet is a system, which allows computers within a network to connect to and interact with each other directly.

How important is Ethernet cabling?

Every office that has computers that talk to one another or connect to a server of some kind will have Ethernet cabling, but it’s often been cobbled together as the business has developed. This can lead to slow transfer times, the loss of data or intermittent connections, which in turn can seriously affect the efficiency of your work.

A proper Ethernet cabling system can also enable the use of new technologies like Voice over IP calls, HD videoconferencing and file sharing that can transform the way you work.

Types of Ethernet cabling

The most common type of Ethernet cable is Cat 5e: twisted pair copper cabling which enables very fast networking over moderate distances. For very large networks, fibre optic cabling may form the backbone of the network. For smaller networks, fibre optic cable is an unnecessary expense.

Why use ACCL for your Ethernet cabling?

We’ve been planning and installing Ethernet cabling since the technology emerged. We work to the highest European and international standards, we’ll advise you on the best cabling option for your business. Our engineers are professional and courteous. All of our work is fully tested before we bring it to site and after installation. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full warranties for peace of mind. In short we’re the experts you need.

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