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Air Blown Fibre Installations Saves Time And Money

Air blown fibre optic cabling is a new form of cable that enables easy replacement of damaged fibres, making it easier to upgrade your network and maintain the highest data speeds.

Air blown fiber cabling
Air blown fibre

Air blown fibre installation experts

ACCL is an expert at blown fibre cabling installations, helping companies to take advantage of lightning fast data transfer speeds, minimising data degradation over long distances and avoiding disruption, waste and costly repairs into the future.
Air blown fibre optic cabling technology is the smart way to install fibre optic cabling within a data network. It allows individual strands or bundles of fibre to be replaced quickly and easily, cutting costs and ensuring that the network can be constantly updated with the latest fibre technology. For buildings that need to be equipped with the best of the best, air blown fibre cable is the perfect choice.

How does Air blown fibre optic cabling work?

Air blown fibre optic cabling is simply an innovative way to install and maintain fibre optic cable; the actual data transferring fibres are exactly the same. What’s different is the cable’s construction and method of installation. The cable is constructed of an outer jacket with a bundle of fibre optic cables within. Each individual fibre within the cable is separate from the others and may be removed by blowing air through the cable. A new fibre may then be blown through the cable to replace the old. With air blown fibre, it isn’t necessary to replace an entire cable when only one fibre needs replacing, which helps to cut costs and minimise waste. It is also much easier to replace fibres since everything can be done from the equipment room without the need for construction or any other kind of heavy labour.
For a company that needs to have cutting-edge technology, air blown fibre cabling is the perfect solution. When new and improved fibres become available, they can be slipped into the original cables: no construction or re-installation will be necessary once the cable jacket is in place.

How is ACCL different?

ACCL is experienced in working with air blown fibre optic cabling. Our qualified engineers will plan, install and test to international and European standards to ensure work is of the utmost quality. For any building that needs the very best in computer networking solutions, ACCL is ready to help.

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