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Fibre Optic Termination Services

ACCL provide a first class termination service for fibre optic cables. Our fully qualified engineers are proficient with the following products:
– Single-mode cable
– Multi-mode cable

When called upon to carry out termination services our organisation will complete the task within a 24 – 48 hour time frame. This will be achieved regardless of the physical location of the site.

ACCL also carry repairs to fibre optic cabling, this service is currently in high demand. A network will never run at an optimum level if there are cabling anomalies.

If connectors are not suitably fixed in position the result will be a loss of efficiency or complete shutdown of a network. The best way to test this out is to sign up for our free network health check. Here our engineers use state of the art equipment to test for connector and cable losses.

ACCL offer 2 types of fibre optic termination services:

  1. Direct termination – Core strands are fitted to a connector and chemically fused in position.
  2. Fusion splicing – Connectors come with a manufactures per terminated length of fibre; (sometimes called a pig tail) this is fused to the main cable.

Expert fibre optic termination services

When it comes to fibre optic termination, ACCL are the preferred choice. Our engineers are fully qualified and always use the correct tools for the job.

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If you are interested in discussing fibre optic terminations works for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s fibre optic termination services call:

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