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Fibre to the Desktop (FTTD) Using Blown Fibre

During a fibre-to-the-desk installation service, fibre is installed from main computer room to a fibre media converter near users’ desk.

Fibre-to-the-desk installation delivered by ACCL
Fibre-to-the-desk installation service

Advantages of Fibre-to-the-desk installation service

The upgrade from a copper network to a fibre one is an expensive option, but fibre-to-desk solutions yield several advantages.

Fibre has a large bandwidth and is unaffected by interference from other sources, making it a more efficient choice, and the fibre itself is resistant to corrosion, and therefore a more cost effective solution in the longer term.

Popular choice of installation service

With the ever-increasing need for speed and security, fibre-to-the-desk installation services are becoming common in the modern work place.

Each back of desks are supplied with a small fibre cable tube from the patch panel and terminated into a wall, floor, or distribution outlet the advantages of FTTD using blown fibre include high bandwidth capability for voice, data, video and network security.

How is ACCL different?

Unlike many service providers ACCL work with clients in the delivery of the most suitable option. If cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, Project Managers will bring this to the attention of the client.

In the past ACCL have been fortunate to work on several fibre to desk installation projects, these include:


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