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Optical Fibre Connector Types

LC Connectors

Lucent Connectors (LC) are small in size, with a ferrule measurement of 1.25 (exactly half the ferrule size of an SC connector), and is what would be classified as a Small Factor Connector.


Their size is useful for high-density patch panels when installation space is limited. These are primary used for single-mode installations, but can also be used in multimode installations.


LC connectors use a push & pull latching mechanisms, enabling faster and easier installation. LC connectors are also popular due to their superior performance. LC connectors also have lower insertion loss compared to MTRJ Connectors

MTRJ Connectors

Mechanical Transfer Registered Jacks are a plastic duplex structure, used for Ethernet connections.


Mechanical Transfer Register Jack connectors are part of the small form factor connectors group, which combine two fibres into a ferrule. MTRJ connectors are mated together with the use of insertion of pins.

Common Uses

These are smaller than SC connectors, and offer higher density installations, lowering cost and saving space.
These are only suitable for multimode installations and are commonly used for Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks and Data centers.

ST Connectors

ST connectors have a ferrule measurement of 2.5mm, aiding lower loss in transmission, and are designed to have a quick release bayonet.


Straight Tip connectors (ST), were one the first Optical fiber connectors be used in the cabling installation industrial for commercial installations.

ST vs LC Connectors

LC Connectors are now the mostly installedfibre connectors in the industry, due to it’s smaller ferrule measurement of 1.25mm which allows for higher density installations in smaller spaces.

SC Connectors

SC connectors have a push-pull mechanism and a 2.5 mm ferrule.


SC Connector best uses

SC Connectors are best suited for the installation of multimode fibres, and offer lower light loss, and therefore higher performance.

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