Singlemode fibre optic cabling is better over long distances than multimode because there is only one path through which light may travel. This prevents data from being scrambled and allows for much greater distances than multimode: up to 100 kilometers.


Singlemode fibre

This is an optical fibre designed to carry light only directly down the fibre in traverse mode. Therefore there is less light less, making it the most suitable option for longer distances and higher bandwidths.

ACCL are experts in the single mode fibre optic cable domain, fact.

Our organisation is often called upon to work with single mode products where projects require cable to be run over distances greater than 500 meters. Due to excessive distances this cable is combined with higher speed technology.

On projects such as our work at Southampton FC we combined single mode with multi-mode cabling. This is a common feature for larger installations and many campus sites environments.

Our area of expertise with single mode fibre optic cable, include:

  • Football Stadiums
  • Golf courses
  • Data Centres
  • University’s
  • Information providers
  • Digital Signage

First Class Service

ACCL have become the leading voice and data cabling provider in the United Kingdom by continually producing excellent results. Our organisation has been operating at the highest level for over 25 years. Companies that empower ACCL place themselves in good hands. Our internal policies, experience and attention to detail mean all our projects are fit for purpose. We also provide suitable after-care support.

How is ACCL different?

Unlike many service providers ACCL work with clients in the delivery of the most suitable option. If cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, Project Managers will bring this to the attention of the client.

ACCL have received many endorsements for our work with single mode fibre optic cable, high profile projects include:


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