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CableFree Installers

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) is an approved partner and therefore certified CableFree installer, demonstrating proficiency in the design and installation of CableFree products.

CableFree logo, ACCL is an approved CableFree Installer

What is CableFree

CableFree is a privately owned Oxford-based company who have been established since 1996, and provide all wireless products. The company has a track record of innovation and has a worldwide reach of 70 countries. CableFree have a large range of clients and over two thousand customer networks around the world, including Panasonic, BBC, Vodafone, Orange, UCL and Vodafone to name but a few.

CableFree design, manufacture and supply resilient, gigabit wireless networks CableFree have a large range of Lasers suited to a wide variety of settings, including urban, rural and metro, and are adapted for diverse climate types, from hot to cold, moist to dry, to name but a few. According to the company literature, their products are ideally suited for CCTV metro networks, IP network access, disaster recover, rapid deployment, and HDTV. The company Free Space Optics product range are high speed, exceeding 1Gig and having a range of up to 4km. CableFree FSO links are compact and quick to install.

What it takes to become an Approved Partner and qualfiied CableFree installer

Training is undertaken to achieve “Approved Partner” certification. ACCL engineers were trained in the design, installation and commission of all CableFree wireless products.

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