Cable Installation Services In Lewisham and South London

Cable Installation Services Lewisham and South London

If you need a quality cable installation in Lewisham, ACCL can help. Our professional teams can help you to plan fast, reliable new data and voice cabling to ensure that your business enjoys state-of-the-art communications at every level.


Data cabling services

Inefficient networks and ageing cabling can result in slow data transfer, poor voice communications and sluggish performance that can affect sales and service. ACCL is an expert in diagnosing problems caused by existing cabling and helping companies to plan and install efficient new networks.


ACCL’s fully qualified teams can provide quality cable installations in Lewisham and throughout south London, helping you to take maximum advantage of growing technology speeds in data and digital voice communications.


As a company we have over 25 years’ experience in the business. We can help to plan your project and work with you to ensure that there is little or no disruption to your business.

From first contact, you’ll notice that service is our focus. We’ll arrange a call back with an experienced cable consultant within two hours of your enquiry. We will arrange a meeting to discuss your project within 24 hours, and after your appointment, we will have our installation team working on your project within 48 hours.


Our qualified engineers are friendly and helpful. They work quickly, quietly, and efficiently – ensuring minimal (if any) disruption if business operations are in progress. We design the entire process, from start to finish, around your business.


Data cabling, Lewisham? Ask about a free audit worth over £600.


Postcode areas covered by our installation services include: SE3,SE4,SE6,SE6,SE8,SE9,SE10,SE12,SE13,SE14,SE15,SE19,SE23,SE26

Interesting facts about Lewisham


Lewisham was noted in Elizabethan times for its cattle market and trades in timber. In more recent times, Lewisham High Street emerged as one of the longest and widest for a London suburb, but was severely affected when Lewisham was hit by a V1 in 1944, which killed over 300 people. A commemorative plaque is situated outside Lewisham Shopping Centre.


Lewisham is also the site of one of the worst disasters on British railways in the 20th century. On 4th December 1957 a crowded steam-hauled passenger express overran signals at danger in thick fog near St John’s Station. 90 passengers and crew died in the accident.


The Sainsbury’s store in Lewisham Shopping Centre was briefly the largest supermarket in Europe. The store still exists today, but is relatively small by today’s modern standards.


In 1977 the Battle of Lewisham saw the biggest street battle against fascists since the Battle of Cable Street in 1936; over 10,000 people turned out to oppose a National Front march.


Lewisham council has erected a plaque at 241 New Cross Road to commemorate Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, most famous for inventing the bouncing bomb, who lived here from 1892 – 1909. Other famous Lewisham inhabitants include suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst, Henry Cooper, Danny Baker (broadcaster), Doris Stokes (spirit medium), David Sylvian (musician) and Mica Paris (singer). Sex Pistol Sid Vicious was born here too, how very rock n roll!

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