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Structured Cabling in Dartford

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) stand at the forefront of IT infrastructural developments within the United Kingdom. Their gifted team is constantly called upon to improve network capabilities throughout corporate, commercial, industrial and educational outlets.

Holy Trinity Church, Dartford

The installation of structured cabling is a complex affair; it should never be tackled by amateurs. If a network is to operate effectively it needs to be supplemented by first class cabling. Our ever growing testimonial page proves our efficiency in this domain.
Structured cabling task in Dartford are administered by our Prince 2 Project Managers, their task is to complete a task effectively, whilst communicating with all parties. Our track record for delivering first class solutions is second to none.
Because we are the leading supplier of structured cabling solutions in the Dartford area we are able to offer an array of attractive warranties and guarantees. These schemes are designed to give peace of mind to all clients.
If you are interested in structured cabling in the Dartford area simply call our helpdesk on 0333 9000101.

Interesting Facts About Dartford

Situated in the North West corner of Kent, Dartford has played a major role in UK history. The 1950’s witnessed the opening of the Dartford Tunnel, this linked Kent with Essex. A 2nd tunnel appeared in the late 70’s.
Dartford also boasts the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge; this was opened in 1991 by the Queen. The bridge spans the Thames at the Dartford tunnel location. At 137m (449ft) high and 812m (2664ft) wide it was Europe’s largest cable-supported bridge.
Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones was born in Dartford on 26 July 1943, later attending Dartford Grammar School. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was also born in Dartford, attending the same primary school as Jagger, the pair were friends and neighbours until Richards family moved in 1954. The couple later met on a train headed for London, and the rest is history.

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