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Avigilon CCTV Installer

ACCL is an approved partner and certified Avigilon CCTV installer, demonstrating expertise and experience in the design and installation Avigilon IP security solutions.

Avigilon logo, ACCL is an approved partner and Avigilon CCTV installer

What is Avigilon?

Avigilon is a Vancouver-based Canadian company founded in 2004, which designs, develops and manufactures video surveillance software (video analytics, network video management) and hardware to a global customer base.

Avigilon solutions well suited to a large variety of location types, including stadiums, healthcare institutions, government facilities, school campuses, retail environments, and prisons, to name but a few.

The company is the first to have produced high definition cameras which provide excellent IP security solutions for corporations and organisations of all types.

Avigilon cameras provide excellent image quality whilst offering maximum coverage, reducing installation and maintenance costs for cost effective solution.

The accompanying software is intuitive and user-friendly with effective tools which reduces time to search, and intelligent self-learning video analytics technology.The patented High Definition Stream Management technologyTM helps preserve high-quality image with minimum bandwidth usage.

Avigilon cameras come in a variety of formats: domed, panoramic and fixed, offering different types of coverage.

What does it take to become a Avigilon Approved Partner? What are the advantages of being an Avigilon CCTV installer?

The Avigilon Partner Program is a recognition of ACCL’s loyalty to the Avigilon’s business growth, measured in a tiered system.

As an approved partner, ACCL has access to online resources provided by Avigilon, with online course on camera installation, system design, configuration

As certified installers, ACCL is qualified to offer the best tailored IP security solution for your company. We can select the best configuration to install and maintain, delivering a customised, cost-effective and scalable CCTV solution for your company.

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