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Paxton Access Control Installers

ACCL is a registered Paxton access control installer, proving the expertise and experience in that installation of Paxton’s access control security solutions.


What is Paxton?

Paxton are a UK-based leading manufacturer of security solutions, including IP access control and door entry. The company’s security solutions are installed worldwide and are suited to a wide variety of sites, including the public, commercial, healthcare and leisure sectors.

Net2 is Paxton’s access control software solution which helps manage up to thousands of doors from a centralised system. It is PC-based and user-friendly, and can have up to 50,000 users. It can be used for both SME’s and larger corporations, as well as government, educational and sports facilities.

What are the benefits of being a Paxton access control installer?

As UK registered installers, ACCL is kept up to date with the latest releases, products and technical issues

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