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LAN cabling – ‘Local Area Network’ cabling or ‘Ethernet’ cabling – allows multiple computers and other intelligent devices to connect together, so that they can access and share files and data. Quality cabling is key to fast, secure performance.

If you are moving offices or looking at upgrading your IT infrastructure, don’t forget the LAN cabling. Higher quality cable, properly planned and installed, can improve data access speeds, avoid health and safety problems and help to keep sensitive data secure.

LAN cabling – what does it do?

LAN Network Installation LAN cabling or Ethernet cabling is literally the string that holds Local Area Networks together. They make connections within the network and ensure that individual computers can access that network, either through a physical cable or a wireless router.

The most common sort of Ethernet cable in use today is Category 5e (Cat5e) cable, which uses twisted-pair copper wires to transfer data. When somebody refers to ‘Ethernet cabling’, or ‘LAN cabling’ it’s a safe bet that they are talking about Cat5e. However, other types of cables are also available. Newer and faster cables are Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7, which are also twisted-pair copper wires. For very large and more complex Ethernet systems, a fibre optic cable may be appropriate to form the ‘backbone’ of the system. The best kind of cable for any specific network depends on the size and needs, both current and projected.

LAN cabling and Ethernet installations with ACCL

Active Communication Company Ltd understands that often, businesses aren’t sure exactly what they need. That’s why ACCL’s trained, professional staff offer a free on-site consultation to assess the conditions and make appropriate recommendations.

Once approved, we’ll devise a schedule to work around your needs. We test every LAN network at our headquarters before we bring it to site and then test again after installation. We provide full documentation and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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