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Your PABX Needs Telephone Cable Wiring To Operate Effectively

It’s amazing how many offices put up with haphazard telephone cable wiring. As well as being a health and safety hazard, it can lead to poor connections, lost calls and damage to expensive handsets. ACCL can get rid of the spaghetti for you.
Re-routing telephone cable wiring needs careful thought and planning to avoid hazards, prevent unsightly cable-runs and to allow for future changes. Whether you are installing a new system into new offices, updating an existing system or reconfiguring your office, ACCL can help you to install your telephone cable wiring efficiently and cost-effectively.

What types of telephone cable wiring do you need?

Telephones use Category cable, which is comprised of twisted pairs of copper wires. The leading types are Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a and Cat 7. Larger numbers denote newer cable, which is able to transfer more information more rapidly. Since telephone lines require very little bandwidth, Cat 3 is usually more than sufficient for a small business landline. However, if a building wishes to set up a more advanced network with Ethernet and internet access, it’s a good idea to combine these different functions with better cable. ACCL can survey your site and recommend the best type of telephone cable wiring to use depending on the specific usage desired.

When do you need a professional installer?

If a building is being built from scratch, experienced installers will need to be on site during construction to wire the building. Professionals should also be called upon if a complex network of telephones is being created within a new or pre-existing building. Forwarding systems and extension lines, for example, will need a trained installer. A professional installer will also be necessary if a company wishes to set up a more advanced network, which includes telephone access, such as a combination Ethernet, internet and telephone network.


ACCL has over 25 years’ experience in telephone cable wiring. From external works to hook up to external boxes, to creating a usable network with features like extension numbers, forwarding and voice mail, ACCL can take care of everything, providing sound advice and top quality cables and professional installation.

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