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Aastra Product Range

ACCL are a leading UK telecommunications company providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We are focused on meeting your communication technology for value and performance. Committed to supporting your systems and networks through the development and implementation of VoIP (voice over ip) products and systems and we will help you choose the right telephone system for your needs.

Digital and IP Telephones | SIP Telephones

Aastra Intelligate 150

Companies and organisations with up to 10 employees will find that the IntelliGate 150 is the ideal solution.

Aastra Intelligate 300

Designed for companies and organisations with up to 50 employees, the Intelligate 300 offers a powerful, cost effective solution.

Aastra Office 135 and 135 pro

The attractively designed practical DECT cordless phones keep you in touch wherever you are within the company. The additional vibra call function on the Office 135pro makes sure you can be reached discreetly even in meetings.

Aastra Office 610d

The Aastra 610d is the feature rich DECT basic model of the Aastra 600d series the ideal model for the business sector. Its local phone book contains up to 200 contacts with 7 entries each. The redial list allows quick access to the last 20 numbers dialled.

Aastra Office 620d

The user-friendly Aastra 620d is a high-end mobile phone for the professional. The large TFT colour display of the Aastra 620d provides a clear graphic display. Equipped with a Bluetooth interface for a cordless headset, Aastra 620d allows maximum freedom of movement.

Aastra Office 630d for tough environments

The Aastra 630d satisfies industrial standard IP 65. It is very easy to clean and complies with high hygiene requirements, making it ideally suited for the healthcare sector, too. With its integrated sensor alarm the phone is ideal for security professions or the prison and detention sectors.

Aastra 5360 Series

The system terminal Aastra 5361 and 5361ip fulfils all the basic requirements placed on modern telephony.

Aastra 5370 Series

The Aastra 5370 and 5370ip is suitable designed for heavy telephone users, such as call centre agents.

Aastra 5380 Series

The Aastra 5380 and 5380ip with its several practical functions helps you to improve efficiency.

Aastra Diaog 4220 Series

User-friendly and equipped with a hands-free speaking function as well as an integrated headset port and a dedicated headset key

Aastra SIP 6730 Series

The Aastra 6730i, a new member of the carrier-grade, open-standards based 67xi SIP portfolio, offers exceptional features and flexibility in an enterprise grade IP telephone

Aastra SIP 6739i

The Aastra 6739i, brings leading edge communications technology to the desktop in a stylish design. Featuring a 5.7” full color high resolution VGA touch screen display.

Aastra SIP 6757i

With a sleek and elegant design and LCD display the 6757i is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms, offering advanced XML programming capability

6700I Systems Expansion Modules

The Aastra expansion module is designed to increase the power and flexibility of the Aastra’s 6700i Series SIP telephones with no additional wiring.

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