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Regular telephone system maintenance is a must for organisations that are reliant on efficiency. Small faults can quickly escalate into major faults if they are ignored or remain undetected. Regular telephone maintenance ensures minor faults are dealt with effectively, thus keeping cost and inconvenience down to a minimum.

A quality telephone system can be expensive; additionally, as organisations expand there’s often need for further investment. One aspect that’s easily missed is the need for a telephone system maintenance package. These business telephone systems should be viewed as an insurance policy.

Without a telephone system maintenance plan in place the only time work will be carried out is when something goes wrong.  This can have two direct implications.

  1. The problem may well be a minor issue that could have been easily rectified but having remained undetected has now escalated into a larger problem.
  2. Without telephone system maintenance support, a problem will only be identified when the system stops working.

At ACCL our fully qualified support teams offer effective telephone system maintenance packages, we offer the following plans:

  1. Preventative maintenance
  2. Break, fault and fix

Our plans have been put together to help maintain the health and lifespan of business phone systems. This will ensure a consistently smooth means of communication is always available.

Whatever plan is utilised ACCL technical support team will aim to find the fault and then have a system back up and running within agreed time-scales.

Our dedicated customer services team will provide a service level agreement that is appropriate to the business needs.  Whether you are looking for

  • 24/7 callout
  • Immediate response

Our telephone system maintenance packages are leading the way within the UK sector.  We offer a range of solutions that will suit all budgets whilst ensuring the needs of the business are met conducted by our experienced engineers.


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If you are interested in discussing a telephone system maintenance packages solution for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s telephone system cabling maintenance packages call:

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