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Active Communication Company Ltd professionally designs, installs and sets up telephone systems of any size for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Telephone systems allow multiple users to access the same telephone line at the same time. For any business which requires multiple telephones within a building as a primary means of communication, professionally designed telephone systems are a must. With a telephone system, it becomes possible to forward calls, create extension lines for new users, and connect to other users within the building via telephone. Mid-sized telephone systems are ideal for between 10 and 150 users, which is perfect for most small businesses.


The Necessity of Telephone Systems


Imagine a small business office which has only one telephone, connected to a physical landline. Even in a small office with only a few rooms and a dozen employees, it’s a significant inconvenience to have a single telephone which everyone must share. Someone will need to answer the telephone whenever it rings and inform the person whom the call is intended for by shouting across the room. That person must then get up and move to the telephone for the duration of the call, away from their desk and anything else which they might need.

Clearly, even for a very small office, a telephone system is extremely important. Each employee who communicates via telephone for business purposes should have a phone at their desk, with their own extension number so that calls can be forwarded conveniently from one master phone. The employee can then take calls right from their desk, where they will have access to their computer and other tools. Personal phones will also help to reduce sanitation worries. A receptionist may be hired to cover the master phone, although this is less important than the telephone system itself.

For convenience, functionality and hygienic purposes, a telephone system is practically a must for any office building.


The Components of Telephone Systems


A telephone system is sometimes referred to as a private branch exchange, or PBX. Specifically, this refers to the electronic system within a single building which connects telephone calls. It consists of several parts: a master telephone (the one which rings when the office’s number is called), the individual telephones around the office, the console which allows the receptionist to direct incoming calls, the internal switching network of the system itself, various microcomputers and other devices which make telephone communication possible, power sources, and the wiring which ties everything together.

All the telephones in a building with a telephone system are physically connected to one another by cables. The internal switching network makes it possible to transfer incoming calls from one phone to another via call forwarding. Many other features are available to add further functionality to larger and more complex networks.


Features of Telephone Systems


The main, most basic feature of telephone systems is that they establish and maintain connections between two telephone sets: that is, they allow two users to communicate via telephone. Of course, small businesses can and should take advantage of some of the other features of telephone systems. These may include automated directory services; call blocking, forwarding, parking, transferring and waiting; the ability to make conference calls; music or a custom message whenever someone is placed on hold; voice mail; et cetera.

Telephone systems have a lot to offer businesses of any size, so it just makes sense that a business would take advantage of the useful features offered. Active Communication Company Ltd can help determine which features are right for any office. Installing Telephone Systems

The wiring of telephone systems is fairly complicated, although nonprofessionals may be able to install a small system that has been pre-designed if the building is already set up with a telephone landline. Installing telephone systems involves making sure that all the telephone sets within a building are connected to a central hub, which allows the sets to communicate with each other and with the outside world.

At its most basic level, this involves telephone cabling and general setup. Cables must be connected correctly and should also be kept out of the way to avoid damage to both the cables and unwary pedestrians. The entire system must be hooked up to a telephone line to allow incoming and outgoing calls. For the more advanced systems, extra features must be set up and enabled as well. The full installation process may require construction or electrical engineering training, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a certified professional.


Telephone Systems at Active Communication Company Ltd


ACCL works with business offices of all sizes and needs from beginning to end to create the perfect telephone system. A free consultation is available for anyone who wants advice concerning a system’s size, setup, functionality and budget. Based on that consultation, plans can be drawn and approved for the finalised telephone system.

After the plan is approved, ACCL works with the finest, highest quality components and expert installers for a quality product that is sure to last. ACCL understands that time is important, so installation will always be completed efficiently and on schedule: business owners will know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. The system will be tested to ensure that it meets all the specified needs and works as intended. After the system is installed and running, everything’s ready to go! ACCL offers different support and warranty packages, as well as training, so a business can be sure to get the most out of their new telephone system.


Telephone Systems – Review

A good telephone system is essential to business offices of all sizes for many different reasons. No matter what size the office or functions are desired, Active Communication Company Ltd offers professional consultation, planning, installation and support. For a top quality product with friendly and knowledgeable staff, businesses can always be confident in choosing ACCL.

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