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Network Problems? Our Computer Cabling Services Will Help

Computer cabling services can help to increase data transfer speeds, protect data integrity and ensure efficient communications within your office. If you’re looking to protect your investment in computer technology you need to ensure your computer cabling is correctly installed, tested and maintained by an experienced company.

Computer cabling services – what does it mean?

The term ‘computer cabling’ is used widely to encompass all types of data cabling associated with computers and data transfer. This could refer to cables used for Ethernet cabling, internet, and other types of telecommunication and networking. ACCL installs and maintains all the leading types of computer cabling to provide comprehensive networking solutions that keep your data flowing in the right direction.

The jargon explained

Computer data cables form local area networks (LANs) between groups of computers in the same area, allowing them to directly communicate with each other and share data. The platform on which LANs are hosted is known as an ‘Ethernet network’, which is made possible through carefully installed data cabling.

But don’t worry, if you use ACCL, we promise to work with you in plain English.

Trust the specialists

The fact is that over 50% of network downtime can be directly attributed to bad cables and cabling. ACCL is an expert in computer cabling services, helping to install, upgrade and reconfigure networks to ensure that you get optimum performance, now and in the future.

How to make the right choices

There are many different cable configurations possible with various categories and types of cable, from basic Cat 3 twisted copper wire, to superfast Cat 7 copper wire and fibre optic cable installations.

ACCL offers free consulting to ensure that we create a cost-effective solution that will provide the data bandwidth, speed and integrity you need, now and into the future. We provide quality equipment, trained installers, and the highest standard of support from beginning to end to ensure that our computer cabling services provide the best outcomes for your business needs.

How can we help?

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