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Copper Cabling Installation Service

Copper cabling has been around for more than 130 years and in that time has made significant technical advances. If you’re looking for a voice and data network, copper cabling may be the right medium, but you have to make sure that you choose the right ‘category rating’ for your installation. 

Which copper cabling installation type is right for you?

As the demands on copper cabling have continually increased, so the cable itself has been upgraded to suit the task. As a result there are different categories of cabling to choose from:

  • Cat 3: This form of cabling involves twisted pairs of copper wire, Cat 3 is now quite dated and its speed capabilities are slow with just a 16 MHz bandwidth.
  • Cat 5 and Cat 5e: Again this standard kind of data cable is made of two twisted copper wires and has a bandwidth of 100MHz; as a result it is found in a great many Ethernet networks.
  • Cat6 and Cat6a: Using the same twisted copper design, Cat 6 cable is a more durable cable at high speeds and provides a bandwidth up to 250 MHz.
  • Cat 7: This category of copper cabling is currently able to handle the highest speeds and provides the largest bandwidth at 600MHz.

Each increase in category comes with an increase in cost, so it’s important to balance the potential needs of your business, both now and in the near future with the respective costs.

Specialist advice for your IT needs

ACCL is an expert at specifying copper cable networks and can help you to make the right decision. Our company has years of experience installing copper cabling networks to help businesses optimise voice and data communications. We also install fibre optic networks and can advise you on which type of network will be best for your business, now and into the future.

Is copper cabling old technology?

It’s true that fibre optic cabling and blown fibre optic cabling take bandwidths and speed to another level, but they also come with an escalating price tag.

As an expert across copper and fibre optics, we can make sure that you choose the appropriate technology for your business and provide the professional installation you need for optimum network operation.

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