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Having a master plan before getting started with a home cinema installation is one of the most important steps that there is. When you are deciding which equipment you need to build your perfect home cinema there will be a number of factors that you will need to take into account. Without careful planning your home Cinema project could become a nightmare, with problems such as buying a screen that’s too big for the room, getting the wrong cables, buying non-compatible components, or under-estimating the cost.
ACCL are on hand to assist you with your project and once you have chosen the space that you wish to convert to your Home Cinema we can start working on making that space your Home Cinema reality.
The Audio / Video design lays out the fundamentals of the Home Cinema. We start with the basics: How do you want the room to work? How many people do you want to seat? From there we move to a detailed design that gives the best possible results from the space you have. In order to gain the best performance out of all of your AV equipment, they must be calibrated specifically for the space that your home cinema is occupying.



What Type of screen do you want? How big do you want your screen? And where do you want to position it? It is vitally important to mount your HDTV or projection screen the correct distance from your seating to avoid distorting your view.


First of all, the size of the home Cinema needs to be taken into consideration. If the room is small then in-wall or ceiling mounted, speakers may need to be used rather than floor-standing speakers. Also, you don’t want to use hugely powerful speakers in a setup where you’ll be sitting just a few feet from the speaker itself. You additionally need to consider how to run the wiring to all of the speakers, or whether you would prefer wireless speakers.


Comfort…. affordability….how does it look? Any one of these elements or, probably a combination of all three, are probably what are commonly taken into account when choosing your Home cinema seating. A home Cinema is supposed to set a mood, allowing people to escape for a couple of hours to watch a movie, watch the match, or play video games. Comfortable seating is an essential part of that.


The lighting of your Home Cinema will give you the opportunity to create inspiration and bring drama to the space you are using. There are many affordable options and our design team will help you to decide upon the best option to suit your budget as well as meeting your design requirements.
ACCL have a range of options available from LED Lighting, LED spotlights, recessed down lighting and wall lighting. The Lighting that you choose can either subtly or dramatically change the way that the space you have chosen for your home Cinema looks and feels.



Another important aspect of creating a home cinema theatre is cable management. ACCL will ensure that all our Cabling is discreet and, that whilst the cables and speaker wires are hidden away, they are easily accessible if you have to get at them. We will run the cables to ensure that they are not bent or kinked to ensure that there is no affect to the image quality and sound performance.


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