Looking for Professional Help Terminating or Fixing Damaged Fibre Optic Cable?

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Do you have broken fibre optic cable or simply looking for some help with terminating and testing?
If you need a fast response to fix a fibre optic cabling issue call 0333 9000101 today and we can deploy one of our expert team to complete the work.


Whether it’s Murphy’s Law, rats, squirrels or just pure vandalism that has caused your problems, we are on hand with teams all over the UK ready to respond quickly to resolve the issues.
If you are looking for a company to fix a broken fibre optic cable or are you simply need assistance in getting some fibre cores terminated just call for FREE on 0333 900 0101 for an expert and immediate response.
Damage caused to cables and wires has been on the increase in recent years as the rat and squirrel population has got bigger and bigger, these little varmints have become ever more cheeky and destructive. As we are so reliant on the infrastructures that maintain our communication systems there is a lot more cable available for them to sink their teeth into!
Whilst there is little threat of an electric shock, the implications of leaving a broken or damaged cable will be the loss of communications across your networks, damaging your business both in terms of money and possibly reputation. A timely repair will pay dividends, so if you are looking for a fibre optic cabling company that can respond within hours simply give us a call.


Fully qualified

We are fully trained in all forms of fibre cabling from simple backbone links to full campus environments. If you are concerned about the state of your fibre optic cabling and need some professional advice we are happy to come and take a look, don’t leave it until it causes you more problems that will impact upon your business. We can assist main contractors with their fibre optic emergencies, ensuring minimal delays to projects on progress.


How is ACCL different?

Unlike many service providers ACCL work with clients in the delivery of the most suitable option. If cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, Project Managers will bring this to the attention of the client.


Get in touch

If you are interested in having a fibre optic cable terminated or fixed your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s fibre optic termination, fibre optic repair services or fibre optic services in London call:

0333 900 0101

or email [email protected]


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