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Network Cabling Installation Services

Networking is a must for any business that wants to be successful, and professional network cabling installation services are necessary for the correct handling and installation of any company’s network.

Having a network allows people within the building to connect with each other and with the rest of the world using mediums such as voice, VoIP, and wireless Internet. This sort of communication is vital for a company to succeed on any level.

There’s no doubt that having a network of some sort is required for a business to be viable. With this in mind, the next question is who to hire to get a network installed. When making this decision, it’s important to realize that not all network cabling services are the same. Different service providers will offer very different products, services and quality.

At Active Communications Company Ltd., we offer top-notch products and personalized assistance from start to finish, so you’re sure to get precisely what you need from friendly and certified professionals.

Network Cabling Install Service From ACCL

A network cabling install for wired products has three primary challenges: choosing the right cable category for the bandwidth and usage, planning the best physical routing, and installing the network with minimum disruption to the building and the people working in it.

ACCL has 25 years’ experience providing network cabling installation works in the London area and home counties, and is expert at specifying the right level of network cabling to support voice and data communications. Our fully qualified engineers work with copper and fibre optic networks and can help office owners, tenants or contractors to plan and install the optimum network for the current working layout, allowing for future expansion or changes.

Understanding the structure of a network cabling install

The complexity of a network cabling install is one of the main reasons that a qualified professional is necessary to set up a working system. To start, one must be well acquainted with the six subsystems of network cabling, as follows:

1. Entrance Facilities

Entrance facilities refer to the places where the network cables enter a building or other structure.

2. Equipment Rooms

Equipment rooms store equipment that may be used by the residents of a networked building.

3. Telecommunications Rooms

Telecommunications rooms should not be accessed by anyone without a working knowledge of network cabling installations, as they contain the equipment which connects different sorts of cabling and makes it usable.

4. Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling connects the telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms and entrance facilities, allowing them to network with each other and with the outside.

5. Horizontal Cabling

Horizontal cabling connects individual outlets to the main infrastructure, allowing them to interact with the system.

6. Work Area Components

These components are the last piece of the puzzle. They allow individual devices, such as computers, to plug into and access the network system. Together, these six subsystems make up structured network cabling as a whole.

Setting up a network

The process of a network cabling install can be highly complex. The six subsystems are all interconnected, and must be wired in such a way that the cables do not get tangled or become obstacles in working areas. Furthermore, there is a very specific set of standards, which control precisely how a network is structured.

In many cases, the process of installation will necessitate some degree of construction work to keep cables safe and out of the way. For this reason, it is essential to hire a team of professional networking specialists to ensure that everything is installed and positioned correctly.

Network cabling service by ACCL

Why Hiring Professionals is essential.

Setting up internal networks within a company is a very complex task that must be completed perfectly for the network to be functional at all. Professional care can ensure that the network is the ideal size for the building, with all the required functionality accessible from all the important areas. Additionally, the cables themselves must be kept clear of areas where they could prove an obstacle to foot traffic, which may require varying degrees of construction work. Finally, the very nature of a network requires a technician with very specialized and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of said network – the installation of a network isn’t something that can be accomplished by a person with a diagram.
Active Communications Company Ltd. offers all the network cabling services a business could ever need, from start to finish. The following services offered will keep any company well informed and professionally cared for under all circumstances.

Site Survey and Consultation

An ideal network is neither too big nor too small: it is able to cover all the required areas without holes, and is not so big that it creates wasted resources. The specific functionality of the network should be considered as well, so everything from telephones to wireless Internet to internal servers and databases is provided. The cabling within the network must lie within the building so that the building remains structurally sound despite any required construction. Expansion forecasts should be accounted for along with the current size of the building. All of these varying factors must be covered within the eventual plans for the network.
Active Communications Company Ltd. does an entire site survey and consultation completely free of charge, and can work within limited budgets to provide a professional cabling plan custom suited to any need.

System Design

Networks are best when they are designed uniquely and specifically for the company in question, as explained above. The cables are one extremely important piece of this complex puzzle, but another vital part is how the system is meant to function when complete. Internal databases are hugely useful for many businesses, and this sort of functionality requires much more than Internet or telephone line hookups. No matter how complicated the project, Active Communications Company Ltd. is able to provide a solidly planned system structure and design which will suit its purpose exactly as intended.

Test Facilities

Even when handled by trained professionals, networks – especially the larger ones – tend to be tricky. Active Communications Company Ltd. knows that it’s not acceptable for a company’s processes to be delayed because of unforeseeable kinks in the network. To prevent this problem, AACL offers a large testing facility in Orpington. Entire networks may be constructed and thoroughly tested on-site to ensure that they are perfectly functional and ready to go. Clients are always invited to attend testing so they can view and approve their network before it goes live.

Certification, Testing and Documentation

After the completed cabling has been installed, Active Communications Company Ltd. will ensure that the network meets industry standards and will provide certification of such. Comprehensive documentation of the cabling provided will be filed at ACCF and copies given to the client, so there’s never any doubt as to the expectations met.


ACCL offers relevant and useful training so that a new network may be used to its full potential. AV and Wi-Fi allow the client to directly connect with training agents in a professional environment, allowing maximum use to be made out of the network.

Support and Maintenance

Active Communications Company Ltd. has many different service options available to suit any budget and need. There are 4 basic levels of network support, divisions of which are accessible throughout the UK. These levels are as follows:

Level 1: Basic Support
This support covers the repair or replacement of any faulty equipment in most circumstances.

Level 2On-Site Support
This level of support may be renewed annually through a contract, and means that a qualified ACCL network engineer will be on-site to deal with any problems no more than 8 business hours after the call is placed.

Level 3Quick On-Site Support
Similarly to level 2 support, this support will normally have a qualified engineer on the premises within 4 business hours of making the call. This level of support is ideal for businesses which rely somewhat heavily on their networks.

Level 4Fastest On-Site Support
For the business that simply can’t afford any significant lapse in the functionality of the network at any time, level 4 support is best. This support offers a 24-7 response from qualified engineers, who will be on-site and ready to resolve the issue within 2 hours of receiving the call


Anyone who needs a network installed is going to need professional network cabling installation services from a reputable source. Active Communications Company Ltd. offers all the services a business could want, from making a plan to seeing it through and beyond. The professional services listed above are what make ACCL an ideal choice for anyone’s network cabling needs.

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