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Increase Sales with On-Hold Marketing

ACCL have the ability to improve sales figures by offering a range of on-hold marketing solutions. It has been statistically proven that call routing improves the validity of a business model. It is, however, important to select the right equipment. This is where ACCL steps up to the plate.


Music on Hold

If there’s a need to place a customer on hold for any reason, music will give an assurance the call is still connected. This will help minimise the risk of a caller hanging up. ACCL hold a range of music on hold systems if you are interested in discussing this further our friendly team is available to answer any questions or queries.

On-hold Marketing

Like music on hold, marketing will install confidence that a connection is still live; this will assist in the reduction of abandonment rates. With marketing on-hold a business has the opportunity to explain about their products and services. Research has shown marketing on hold increases sales and customer awareness. It can also bring a professional touch to a communication system.

Auto attendant

This function allows callers to get to the person they want to speak to effectively. The auto attendant system gives the caller the ability to select from a range of options. With a wide choice of systems to choose from the set up of the auto attendant will depend on the size if a company or the type of calls received.

Mobile Twinning

Modern business demands mean we are constantly on the go, with mobile twinning we have the ability to allow business calls to ring through to a mobile device as well as an office phone. This system provides flexibility as key personnel are often away from the main phone line.

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