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ACCL’s Robust Retail Security Systems create safer shopping

Over the last 20 years the retail industry has dealt with more and more threats which have stretched the demands of current retail security systems and also provided much more scrutiny within the press when things go awry.

ACCL have successfully provided custom solutions which will deal with issues such as:

  • Terrorist threats
  • Fires
  • Lost children
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Organised criminal gangs

We see that in all these situations better retail security systems as well as more effective two-way communication between centre management, tenants, and security staff helps to ensure public safety.

Whether you are looking the design, installation and monitoring of CCTV systems, or even for reliable intruder alarms, ACCL has the expertise you are looking for to provide you with a great solution.  Upon your initial call to us we will appoint a Project Manager who will be able to assess your needs and discuss the options available to you.  Our expert Team of fully qualified technicians will provide you with an installation that will work around the needs of the business with minimal, if any, disruption.

If you are reviewing your current retail security systems then ACCL have solutions that meet the needs of today but also looking at how your system needs to develop and evolve into the future.

Key to ensuring that a safe and secure environment is maintained at all times for everyone is clear and effective communication. Amongst other options that ACCL can offer you is their own software and service system, Tenant Active System (TAS), which offers the Shopping Centre Manager a one stop shop for your retail security systems, communication between Tenants and Security as well as meeting a host of other retail management requirements. When initially devising TAS, ACCL sought the expert opinions of Shopping Centre Managers from several of the UK’s largest Centres. As retail security is such a hot topic, TAS covered the concerns that were immediately evident.

Shopping Centre Security: Graphical map pinpointing alarms

Safety and Evacuation Maps: The ability to broadcast emergency instructions for controlled evacuations

Easy to Use: Discrete, simple to use, always on, touch screen terminal

TAS allows centre management to manage emergency situations effectively and quickly with minimal pull on resources. A simple handset or LCD screen will emit an audible and/or visual alarm to alert stores, staff within the store need to acknowledge receipt of the message. Messages are automatically re-sent if there is lack of acknowledgement or system failure. If you also wish to you can broadcast general information regarding operational issues such as maintenance schedules and events. You can select your audience, sending to all retailers, targeted at just one or at zoned groups of tenants if necessary.

Equally, if there is an emergency situation within a store, the TAS device has a dedicated panic button which the retailer can press to alert centre management or security. This automatically triggers the recording of background noise in the store for evidentiary purposes as well as providing immediate voice communication. Critical time can be saved by reducing security response time. In the event of fire or other emergency TAS will provide a dedicated communications system to broadcast emergency instructions to all or selected tenants. It also allows retailers to alert security to any potential or occuring situations in their store such as theft or unacceptable anti-social behaviour:

  • For the retailer, the system is easy to use and monitor via a clear touch screen device.
  • For the control room, the system provides visual indicators super-imposed on the centre’s floor plan showing the status of the transmitted messages, allowing the team to know which retail store has seen, opened and responded to a communication.
  • All communications are fully audited.

TAS has the ability to transform your communication, improve your current retail security systems and assist you in the day to day running of your business.  TAS can create a more comprehensive management system going way beyond emergency communications by integrating CCTV as well as wireless communications with security staff.

Once you have TAS up and running ACCL offer key Service and Support requirements: 

  • Remote, pro-active fault finding and resolution
  • Centralised configuration and system management
  • Single point of contact via helpdesk Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and help you to shape a secure environment for both you and your customers.

Improving your customer’s shopping experience

Ultimately security within the retail sector is of paramount importance, creating a safe, secure welcoming environment for your customers to shop, relax and enjoy themselves. ACCL are on hand to help you to develop your retail security systems and overcome the challenges that are ever present in today’s world. Call us free on 0333 900 0101, we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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