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Be Cost Efficient By Installing Structured Cabling

Structured cabling creates the physical platform to transfer data between different locations and is the basis for all data networks within a building. Through structured cabling, businesses can enjoy data, voice and multimedia with all the vital functionality that they entail.All of your business communication, voice, email, server traffic, file back-ups and internet access rely on your structured cabling installation. A badly installed structured cabling system will give you hours of network pain and expensive down time and may affect the integrity of your data.

What is structured data cabling?

Structured data cabling involves the installation of cables in a predetermined, methodical pattern to serve a specific function. Usually, this will involve telephone, Ethernet, and internet connectivity, which allow businesses to set up local area networks (LANs) and communicate with others who access the network either via telephone or email.

The installation of structured data cabling is very complex for several reasons: dozens or even hundreds of cables may be involved; the cables are often unmarked; and the cables must be connected perfectly with no possibility of error in order for the network to function as intended. Also, the sheer volume of cables often necessitates some sort of construction work in order to keep them out of the way of possible foot traffic. For these reasons, it is always important to have a professional cable installer handle the planning and installation of structured data cabling.

What makes a good structured cabling installation?

A good installed structured cabling system will provide the following features:

  • Structured cabling allows you to replace multiple traditional cabling systems with a single, unified infrastructure, with the ability to carry data in any format, from traditional digital voice through to video and beyond.
  • It carries a high bandwidth up to 10Gig, which means it can support emerging applications, such as IP video conferencing to the desk.
  • It is a cost effective element of any building cost, with a lifetime guarantee of 25 years that will outlast around five network upgrades during its operational time.
  • Properly planned structured cabling makes office moves simple, fast and efficient whether you are relocating one desk, moving an entire department or restructuring a whole floor.

A choice of structured data cables

There is a wide choice of structured data cables to choose from, starting with Cat 3 twisted pairs of copper wire, through Cat 5e and Cat 7 copper cables deigned for higher capacity, higher speeds and improved data integrity through to fibre optic cabling. ACCL can help you to choose the most appropriate for your structured cabling installations, ensuring that you get the optimum performance you need at a price you can afford.


Structured data cables require specialised knowledge to plan and install, and you won’t find any better qualified than the professionals at ACCL.

We start by offering a free on-site consultation. We’ll then draw up a custom plan to meet your precise specifications. Once the plan is approved for budget, scale and functionality, ACCL supplies only the highest quality cables and materials to set up the new network. We fully assemble each network at our headquarters and thoroughly test each component before installation.

A secondary round of on-site tests verifies that the system is working to full capacity. ACCL also offers support, training and warranty packages so users can get the most out of the new network without suffering from downtime.

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