VoIP Phone System Installation

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The Installation of one of our VoIP phone systems could prove to be an effective method of saving money for your business. By selecting a VoIP system that meets the demands of your business you will be provided with a fast and effective means of communication, one that is easily maintained as well as being highly flexible.


VoIP will cater for:

  • Specific communication needs of the workforce.
  • High volumes of traffic.
  • Use within retail stores or manufacturing plants.
  • Fully functioning conference rooms.
  • High rates of international calls

As Internet speeds have increased the quality of VoIP phone systems has dramatically improved. This is one of the reasons our communications department is so busy.

ACCL have been involved in the installation of VoIP phone systems for many years. Our in-house design team ensures a full evaluation is carried out before any recommendations are made. Each business brings with it its own individual requirements and priorities.  By selecting ACCL as a preferred supplier will benefit from our expert advice and professionalism. We’ve been in this industry for over 25 years.

ACCL also provide a unique set of guarantees that fully support the quality of our work:

  • Manufacturer’s warranties
  • 5 year guarantee on all the work carried out
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee (a customer will not pay a penny until they are satisfied all work has been completed in line with the agreed plan)

For more information call 0333 900 0101.

VoIP and ACCL – The perfect combination.

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If you are interested in discussing a VoIP solution for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s VoIP installation services call:

0333 900 0101

or email [email protected]

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