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Wireless Networks, Speak With The Experts

Why do wireless networks need a cabling specialist? Because the quality and capacity of the cabling to each of your routers providing the wireless signal can have a significant effect on the performance of any machine on your Wi-Fi network.
Whether you are making the move to wireless networks for the first time, or looking to upgrade the performance of your existing Wi-Fi, ACCL can ensure that you get the best possible network performance, now and in the future.

What to consider in your wireless network

The main problem with wireless networks is dead zones or ineffective overlapping signals. To avoid these, routers must be placed in strategic locations within a building. ACCL will conduct a free Wi-Fi survey to take your building’s dimensions, to consider construction issues that may compromise signals and to allow for the range of different routers.

We will then look at the cabling issues that link into each router. We can consider your wireless network as part of the larger local area network or structured cabling network, ensuring that secure or high capacity data is using wired networks for fast, efficient, secure transfers.

Choosing the right Wi-Fi standard

Four different Wi-Fi standards are commonly used today: 802-11a, 802-11b, 802-11g and 802-11n. There are, of course, different pros and cons specific to each standard that should be considered when setting up a network. Some have better range. Some are more susceptible to interference or deliberate hacking. We can advise on the right solution for your business.

ACCL – here to help

Our certified professionals are ready to help with your wireless network install, from beginning to end: conducting a survey, making and approving a plan, installing the network system, and providing assistance and training. Contact ACCL today for a free on-site consultation!

How can we help?

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