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Looking for a more efficient way to deliver internet to a large group of end-users?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you: PON installation in London, Kent and Surrey by ACCL. It’s fast, efficient and future-proof!


What Is PON?

PON stands for Passive Optical Networking. It is a technology that uses a point-to-multipoint architecture to provide fiber to the end user. To do so, it relies on an unpowered fiber optic splitter that distributes data to multiple end devices.


While the technology isn’t quite new, the way we can use it today and the advantages it brings to the table are unparalleled.


More and more London campus buildings, universities, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and enterprises are beginning to switch to PON as a means to save money, boost performance and more.


Let’s take a look at what PON technology can do for your London organisation!

Who Needs PON Installation?

As a business owner or facility manager in London, you definitely understand the need for keeping up with technology. Even if you are not in the tech industry. Today, most buildings and building complexes rely heavily on technology for communication, safety and more.

You should consider having a passive optical network deployed if:


  • You manage a building that needs to serve a lot of end users with a lot of different devices
  • Internet speed is crucial to you
  • Your copper-based Ethernet LAN is outdated and can’t keep up with current demands
  • Your building has limited space for deployment
  • You need the signal to be carried on long distances
  • You need the ability to quickly scale and adopt new technologies when they appear
  • Restaurants, hotels, SPAs, campuses, large business centres, medical buildings – these are just a few examples of organisations that can reap the benefits of PON.


Still not sure if PON is right for your building? Let’s talk about it! We’ll advise you on the best networking solution for your building – both in terms of budget and performance

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Top Benefits of Passive Optical Networking

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When it comes to choosing a networking solution for your building or building complex, there is no one-size fits all. This is why, at ACCL, we recommend all our customers to start with an on-site survey to determine which type of network suits their needs best. Click here to schedule yours!


When PON (or GPON/EPON) is the right choice for your building in London, you can enjoy:


1. The most fiber-efficient option for campus, building and FTTx applications
PONs are widely deployed across the UK and their popularity is growing. The number one reason for their popularity growth spur is efficiency.


2. Saving a lot of money, now and in the long run
The actual amount varies on a case to case basis, but you can expect savings between 20% and 40%.


When you have a PON deployed, you get to save money on cabling and equipment – both cheaper in this case, without compromising quality. Plus, you will consume less power and lees lower specialised cooling systems.


Even more, through PONs you consolidate video, data and voice streams. Aside from improving reliability, this also reduces the time and costs associated with installation and the lifetime costs of operation. Last, but not least, passive splitters are significantly cheaper than active ones.


3. Space saving
When you upgrade to PON from a traditional copper-based network, you notice that you require much less space for your equipment. The fibre optic cables are a fraction of copper cables’ size. Thus, PONs are easier to install and you will need much less space to run cables.


Better yet, PONs also have a greater signal reach. This means that you can cover more ground before you need any signal boosting equipment. And yes, you will also need much smaller server rooms and data cabinets.


4. Better infrastructure capacity
A PON can connect everyone in your London building(s) with fewer limits that traditional LAN. Even more, you will have full coverage for data, Wi-Fi backhaul, voice, surveillance equipment and more.


5. An environmentally-friendly option
Most UK businesses and organisations are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Deploying a PON is one step in the right direction.
Since this technology is more powerful and more efficient, you will need far less active components for it to run. In other words, you will be using less power to run it and less air conditioning to cool it.


6. Better security
PON is a more secure solution because the signals are optical instead of electrical. Thus, they radiate no RF signals – near-zero TEMPEST emanations. Plus, some PON standards has built-in encryption at the physical layer.


Why Choose ACCL for PON Deployment in London and the Surrounding Area


After having spent 25+ years in networking and security and having served thousands of UK companies big and small, we have a lot to say about why you should choose us. But we’ll keep it brief:


  • We are at the forefront of innovation. The most important lesson these 25 years in the business taught us is that you always need to learn something new and to learn better, more efficient ways of doing things.
  • ACCL never cuts corners when it comes to the quality of our products and that of our services. We are trusted partners of global brands in networking. We worked hard to gain this status and even harder to never compromise our standards, but always set the bar higher.
  • We hire the best in their field. Technicians, engineers, consultants – everyone has to pass rigorous tests before being hired at ACCL. Plus, we invest in the continuous education of all our employees.
  • You gain a flexible and reliable partner. ACCL never miss a deadline. We know that your time matters, so we always do our best to complete every project as quickly as possible and with as little disruption of your workflow as possible.
  • Safety and security are our top concerns. We adhere by all the HSE standards and regulations.
  • We care about your budget. If a more affordable solution that doesn’t compromise performance exists, we will always suggest that first.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about our services.

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As the client I can only say thanks and its an amazing piece of work by all involved. Believe me that the work to coordinate this work around other issues was challenging but Wayne and ACCL were great.

TUI / Scott Ronan

I have had the pleasure of asking Wayne and team for advice and guidance over a number of years, and have always felt assured that all advice I have received was totally unbiased and 100% accurate.

Ntegra Ltd / Grant Ward, Test Manager

The Engineers were helpful and patient. They did anything and everything that was asked of them. Thanks for a very good first job.

Leagas Delaney / Alfred Place, London

The Engineers were punctual and courteous whilst on site. They worked professionally, always being aware of the needs of the other tradesman who were also working on this project. They were sympathetic to the needs of the school and we are very satisfied with the overall installation.

Bishopshalt School / Evelyn Nolan

Another professional installation by ACCL, on time and in budget!

Bank of New York / Alan Hawley, President of IT Infrastructure

All the people involved were extremely helpful at all times. All performed equally well in a fast-track project and responded quickly to any changes in requirements.

Barnhill Community High / Sunil Kubavat, Head of IT
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