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The idea of creating a cinema into your own home may seem like something you would only be able to afford after a big win on the lottery but the reality is that a home theatre can be achieved on a relatively modest budget.

Once you have decided that you are going to add a Cinema to your Home the next step is to establish exactly what it is that you want, how much you want to spend and what would be best suited to the space that you wish to use.  At the end of the project you will want to have a room that gives you the best sound and vision possible and a room that looks as good as it sounds, ultimately a room that has created the optimum cinema experience for you within your own home.

Our experience at ACCL has shown that what people require from their Home Cinema design varies a lot…so our starting point is to listen carefully to what it is that you, the Customer, wants to achieve.  After we have gained a full understanding from our customers we will start looking at the basic building blocks of the room as the construction techniques used to build the room will have a direct impact on performance. The room shape and design as well as materials used in its construction will impact on the audio performance within it.  With careful thought and design, potential problem areas will be established and overcome providing you with a great final result.  We will ensure that you gain maximum output for your investment.

Our design Team at ACCL work towards internationally recognised standards to achieve not only the best sound and vision for your Home Cinema but also a room that looks and works as well as it sounds and is easy to use.  There’s no point having an all singing, dancing, bells and whistles system that lets you down when you sit down ready to chill out and relax with the family!  Whether it is Lighting, Audio, Video, Blue-Ray or Satellite and DVD everything should be brought together within one interface, with either one simple to use remote or Touch Screen control.

Perhaps space used for your current Garage could be well used to create the ultimate Home Cinema experience?

Compared to other rooms of your house  the cost of converting a garage into a home cinema is surprisingly low, giving you the opprotunity to turn wasted space in to a real entertainment room for all the family to enjoy.

We believe any installation should be discreet. That means no wires, no number of different controllers on the wall, we will take into consideration the need for concealed speakers, we believe that equipment should be discretely and securely stored away from view.

So if you would like to chat to one of our specialist Design Team about your Home Cinema please give us a call today on our free number 0333 900 0101 and we will be more than happy to help you create an environment that both sounds good and looks as good as it sounds.

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