ACCL install effective People Counting Systems

Within the retail sector a People Counting System has become key to understanding how successfully any area of the marketplace is operating and ACCL have been able to provide a swift and efficient installation service to over 94 retail centres based in the UK as well as the European market.  We have installed People Counting Systems for entire shopping centres and also for individual retail chains.

The benefits of installing a Counting System

Identifying traffic patterns and trends over hours, days, weeks, months, seasons and years has become  critical to the smooth daily operation of the retail industry, whether it is in one single store, a whole shopping centre or across a holding of several centres.

A People Counting System offers numerous benefits to retail:

  • Measures consumer behaviour to help optimise site performance
  • Aids analysis of  customer numbers  to Increase profitability, selling efficiency, customer service, and realise business improvement opportunities
  • Provides a basis for analysis that will attract potential tenants
  • Establish performance benchmarks within your own centre or against other centres
  • Helps identify success and improvement of marketing strategies.
  • Helps to quantify the impact of any business change, marketing events and other activities
  • Identifies  volumes and patterns for Service, Security and maintenance purposes as well as the allocation of Budget
  • A vital aspect of negotiating terms with existing or new tenants

Our wealth of experience here at ACCL has contributed to the mutually respectful relationship that we have established with the retail industry across the UK and into Europe.  Over the last 25 years we have worked in some of the largest shopping centres, retail outlets and out of town centres building a great reputation for reliability and excellent service.

St Pancreas Station was our largest Installation to date with 120 people counters being installed.
How can ACCL help you?

  • ACCL will provide you with a survey to ascertain how many People Counters you need to have installed to suit your needs.
  • Our expert Team of fully qualified technicians will install your People Counting System with minimum disruption to the day to day operations of your business and will work at a time suitable to your needs.
  • We will appoint a Project Manager to oversee your project, ensuring that we provide the desired return on your investment, allowing you to continue doing what you do best,  running your business.

The Grand Arcade in Wigan
The Grand Arcade in Wigan not only used ACCL to install their People Counting System, but also installed the ACCL Tenant Active System as a means of providing storage for all their data in a secure and structured location which assists them in the smooth and efficient operation of their Centre.
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