Innovative Retail Communications Systems provided by ACCL

ACCL have built up a solid reputation for creating innovative solutions within the retail communications sector.  ACCL’s passion for quality and service has forged our reputation as the UK’s premium data cabling contractor, we believe in building trusting relationships with the people that we work with.

Tenant Active System

As part of our commitment to the Retail sector ACCL worked with a number of UK shopping centre managers to develop the Tenant Active System (TAS).   TAS is a Software and service system that provides retail communications and management support, the initial concept for TAS was developed by ACCL in the latter part of 2006 against a detailed specification produced by the Managers from several of the UK’s Shopping Centres.  Since then the product has continued to develop and grown to keep up with the demands of new technologies as well as responsibilities and demands within the retail sector.

There are a number of stakeholder benefits to TAS:

  • Allows two-way data and voice communication between Centre management and Tenanted units
  • Provides a platform for packaged business applications such as the collection of retail statistics or loyalty and incentive schemes.
  • Enables security alerts such as terrorist threats, opportunist theft and organised gangs
  • Reduces risk and provides a safer environment by providing fast communication and automatically generated audit trails

The beauty of TAS is that it has simple integration with other systems allowing suitability for both existing centres and Greenfield sites.  A simple PBX, already installed for any telephony needs, provides the communication platform for TAS.  Each retailer has a device of choice installed which can be a screen equipped telephone or a small LCD display. This device will then interoperate with your central server which is running the TAS software.

Once you have TAS up and running ACCL offer key Service and Support requirements:

  • Remote, pro-active fault finding and resolution
  • Centralised configuration and system management
  • Single point of contact via helpdesk Available 24 hours a day,7 days a week and 365 days a year

Voice and Data Communications
Equally our organization recognizes that the key to good retail communications is a sound infrastructure and before we make any recommendations for your business we will look at two things:

  • What your data and communication needs are now
  • What you might need them to look like in the future

Our relationship with the retail industry has undoubtedly grown from strength to strength over the past decade, and by working closely with industry leaders we have learned a lot about the business and how it operates. We understand that retail communications between Head Offices, Regional Offices, and Stores and even within the Stores themselves, whilst crucial, can often be difficult. It is an inescapable fact that for any business to run smoothly you need to have effective and clear communication and poorly managed communication efforts are responsible for so many failings.

Satisfied, well informed, employees will in turn satisfy the customers. Great employees and satisfied customers make profit, it’s that simple.  ACCL can work with you to ensure you have the means to communicate in the ways that you need to.

With the appointment of a Project Manager we can ensure that your network requirements are carefully assessed to create a highest quality, cost-effective solution.  Our Project Manager will ensure that all work is completed to plan, on time and within the agreed budget.  ACCL’s data cabling installation teams are professional and courteous at all times ensuring minimum disruption to the day to day running of your business.  We’ll also plan your installation so as to make any ongoing or future changes as easy as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities that TAS could open up for you to enhance your retail communication or would just like our organisation to review your current voice and data infrastructure then please call us today on 0333 900 0101.  Our friendly Team are on hand to give you further information or answer any questions that you have.

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