A Safe Working Environment

Thousands of offices throughout the UK have cabling issues at workstations. Poorly maintained systems look untidy whilst presenting an unsafe working environment. To combat this anomaly ACCL now provide a bespoke service that will transform your office, whilst reducing risk.

Health and Safety legislation provides clear guidelines:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe place of work and equipment for all employees and visitors.
  • Display Screen Equipment Regulations require workstation assessments to be carried out to identify problematic areas.
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, require employers to carry out risk assessments on working activities and processes, to heighten risk awareness for employees and visitors.
  • The Regulatory Fire Safety Order also requires Fire Risk Assessments to be completed to identify hazards, controls and actions to be taken during an emergency or drill.

Slow or sluggish response times can often provide a signal that something is amiss; equally a quick glance under a desk will give insight into how a system is being maintained.

Problems caused by cabling are:

  • Creates trip hazards for users, employees and visitors
  • Equipment is more likely to be damaged as a result of a trip
  • Reduction in under desk space for the user
  • More difficult to identify equipment and faults
  • Increased likelihood of electrocution
  • Makes PAT testing a drawn out disruptive process
  • Increases risk of fire

If you are concerned about your working environment, simply contact ACCL today. Our in-house team of experts will book a free consultation session. Within days your office will be a safer place to operate. Don’t delay call our Helpdesk on 0333 9000101 today!

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