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Health and Safety

The work methodology employed by ACCL complies with the strictest controls of regulation from the Health and Safety Executive and also those imposed by the structured cabling industry bodies.

Health and Safety Obligations

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) is law and any infringement may result in legal action carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


To support our belief in total quality delivery, we follow strict procedures for the highest standards of health and safety and our engineers are BICSI/RCDD qualified and comply with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 14001:2007 and OHSAS 18001:2009.

As required by HSE, ACCL provides all employees with:

A safe place of work.

  • Safe working practices.
  • Safe equipment eg, tools etc.
  • Where necessary, personal protective equipment to be supplied free of charge.
  • Safe access to and from (egress) the place of work.
  • Risk assessments.
  • An emergency procedure, to include the evacuation from gas and fire exposure and what to do if asbestos is found on site etc.

A general safety policy.

ACCL further requires employees:

  • To take care so as to not injure yourself or others.
  • Not to misuse or break any equipment, tools or health and safety equipment etc.
  • Co-operate with your employer with regards to health and safety.
  • To refrain from using any piece of equipment that you are not trained to use correctly and safely

Risk Assessment

ACCL is committed to the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and ensures that a risk assessment is fully completed prior to the commencement of any work to protect the employees of the client and ACCL from accidents, which could be hazardous to health and perhaps even fatal.
Virtually every job role within any company must be assessed for the protection of its staff based on the possibility of risks. The first stage of the process is to ascertain what, if any, potential hazards would a worker be exposed to while performing a specific task and what potential risks would remain after the assessment

How is ACCL different?

Unlike many service providers ACCL work with clients in the delivery of the most suitable option. If cost savings can be made through the installation of a more suitable product, Project Managers will bring this to the attention of the client.


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If you are interested in discussing a H&S inspection for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s H&S inspection services call:

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